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The Effects of NAFTA on the Aerospace Industry

Business Under NAFTA

Aida Ahmadi

on 7 December 2011

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Transcript of The Effects of NAFTA on the Aerospace Industry

of NAFTA on the Aerospace Industry Effects The HISTORY 1903 1914 1909 (cc) image by jantik on Flickr CANADA 1910 Revenues 1918 1939 1945 1952 Employment Trade 1994 United States of America NOW AIAC: AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION OF CANADA MARKET SEGMENTS Revenues Trade Exports In 1989: 6.7% of industry's market share (Rank 5) To Mexico: In 2010 5.8% of industry's market share (Rank 6) To Canada: 1.3% of industry's market share (Rank 20) In 1989: In 2010 1.85% of industry's share (Rank 18) Imports From Canada: In 2010 In 1989: In 1989: In 2010 From Mexico: Manufacturing is Canada's Second Most Important Industry MEXICO REVENUE TRADE EMPLOYMENT 27,000 high paid jobs 2009 Increasing
7,500 in 2001
31,000 in 2010
42,500 in 2015 >Prime location to NAFTA
>World Class Education
>Excellent Infrastructure
>Low Cost 1st Largest Investment Received 1990-2011 (33 billion) 9th Largest Supplier for the US Bilateral Aviation Saftey Agreement 18.8% of industry's market share (Rank 3) 19.9% of industry's market share (Rank 2) 0.82% of industry's market share (Rank 14) 2.56% of industry's market share (Rank 7) Aida Ahmadi Quoc Vu - Government Subsidies Canada Mexico AGENDA > 1.9 Billion in R&D
>65.7% respondents think it's not enough compared to competitors' countries Canada US Mexico Government Subsidies History Current State >Aerospace 1st prioprity
>50 million in National Public Aero Trade School
>Drop import duties on Aeronautic components Thank You! Questions?
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