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The Jay Sorensen Digital Resume

No description

Jay Sorensen

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of The Jay Sorensen Digital Resume

Jay Sorensen
Marketing Assistant
; Southern Utah University
Public Relations Assistant
; Southern Utah University
Press Assistant
; Chris Stewart Congressional Campaign
Bennett Consulting Firm,

Washington D.C.
Assisted in lobbying research efforts for JP MORGAN congressional hearings
(specifically the Volcker Rule)
Organized and assisted in client/consultant meetings
Utah House of Representatives,
Cedar City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Provided full time clerical work for two representatives during legislative session
University Affairs Department,
Researched bills, created press statements and proofread representative
"Most importantly, I learned accountability"
Helped generate ideas for effective SUU ads in social media
Helped create, orchestrate and produce regional SUU commercials
Organized and observed focus groups for testing PR tactics
2 min promotional video
Both commercials directed, edited, and produced by Jay
30 sec. commercial spot
(zoom in and click "play" to watch)
PR student of the year award 2012
Competed against PR and Marketing juniors and seniors from every university in Utah
It was the first year
ever had a student
Contest compromised of creating a hypothetical PR campaign for Mitt Romney, and pitching our ideas to a panel of judges.
Updated social media, managed promotion
Welcome to my E-portfolio,
click the
bar to tour my experience.
The Washington D.C. internship lasted three months, during this time I worked concurrently with the Chris Stewart Congressional Campaign
Graphological Personality Profile*
"Has ability to comprehend complex information,
sift through it, simplify it, and present it to others"
"Has the capacity to relate to, and converse with, a wide range of personality types"
"Personality is permeated with positive physical and mental energy and drive that will serve to fuel the achievement of his goals"
* This graphological profile was done by a company based out of North Carolina.
They do personality evaluations based on analysis of a person's writing.

This particular profile was conducted by
Adeline Elliott
Master-Certified Graphologist.
Learned negotiation tactics from DC lobbyists
Former Senator
Bob Bennett
Utah Representatives are not provided
personal staff, as an intern, I was the only
daily assistance given to both Reps. During
This time I had to learn to be in two places at once, fulfilling multiple deadlines.
Bachelor of Science in Public Relations & Political Science|

2012 Southern Utah University
Masters of Arts in Professional Communication|
2014 Southern Utah University
Graduate Assistantship in Professional Communication Dept.
Bennion Service Scholarship
Michael O. Leavitt Housing Scholarship
Dean's List: Top 10% academic standing
Student Director of Michael O. Leavitt
Center for Politics and Public Service 2012
Looks best in
( )
"Instrumental in promoting 2012-2013
SUU Marketing Campaign"
Sargon Heinrich Global Engagement Center
Directed all marketing for the 2013 Academic Conference at SUU

Marketing tactics included:
Press releases
Coordination between universities
On campus marketing
Creative input on graphic design
Moved to
in August to work as
Program Coordinator
for "
American Studies Center
" at Hunan Normal University
in Changsha, China
4 months
funded by the State Department
Created program communication strategy
helped secure $100,000 in federal grants
ran day to day operations
directed all marketing and advertising
served as diplomat for SUU
Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah,
Cedar City, Utah
Scan for Linkedin
Fall 2013
Program Coordinator
;Hunan Normal University
Assisted in email campaign contribution and press releases.
Drafted Press Releases and blog posts.
Tour of Utah
"stage 1" Marketing Intern
Helped create marketing strategy to increase community support and interest
Assisted in creation of fundraiser campaign with a goal of $80,000
Organized community events and coordinated cooperation between radio, local businesses, and the local donors

Campaign Fundraising
Professional Writing
Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Adobe Creative Suite

Graphic Design
Public Relations
Social Media (FB, twitter, etc.)
Email Marketing
Strategic Campaigns
Public Speaking
My campaign was chosen as the winner for its creative and specific objectives,strategies, and tactics.
I designed this logo for the
American Studies Center
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