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Paula Tortora

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of BEC VANTAGE EXAM, READING


tests your knowledge of : vocabulary, dependant prepositions, certain grammatical combinations, expressions, collocations.
consists of one text and 15 multiple choice questions.
one mark/correct answer
skim the text to get an idea of the topic.
read the stem of the 1st question and underline key words.
go to the text and find where that question is dealt with, choose the correct option.Remember you'll probably find synonyms for the words you expect to hear.
move on to the next question and work in the same way .
Remember the answers will come in order in the text.
Make sure you have evidence to support your answers, underline it if necessary.
Don't forget the final checking !!! BEC VANTAGE 2013

read the statements before the text, as you do so, underline key words in them.
read the 1 st statement, and scan the texts to see which one it is related to.
work through the list systematically.
don't forget the final check !!!

5 parts
45 items
1 hour
25 %of total marks

This part tests your ability to read in detail and interpret opinions and ideas rather tan facts.
Consists of a longer text and six multiple questions with for possible answers to choose from .
6 marks. Part 4: tests your ability to read fast and scan for specific details.
7 statements, 4 short texts
you must decide which statement refers to which text.
you get 7 marks, one for each correct answer.

seven sentences to be inserted in a text.
tests you ability to read fast and understand the meaning and structure of a text, and to relate sentences to the info that comes before/after the gap.
5 marks
cross out the example, then
read the text, you'd be able to follow the line even with some sentences missing.
Read the list of sentences
go back to the text and read it focusing on the words before and after the gaps, try filling the gaps and when you've finished, read the whole text again to see if it develops logically. Tips:
skim the text to see what it is about.
before looking at the options for each gap, try to predict what kind of word you need for each one.
the options may have similar meanings , then look for dependent prepositions or grammar structures which only match one of them.
If the options have different meanings, concentrate on the content of the text and choose the one that fits best.
you should also:
think of collocations or fixed expressions the gap may be part of.
Remember the final reading of the whole text, check and change anything that doesn't sound natural to you.
tests your ability to spot mistakes = your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, etc.
consists of a text, 12 lines, with an extra word in most of them
you get 12 marks. Tips:
look for small words such as : prepositions, conjunctions, auxiliary verbs, modal verbs, small adverbs, articles.
read the text sentence by sentence, not just line by line.
there will not be more than one extra word per line.
remember some lines are OK, but you have to make sure of it.
Don't forget the final check !!!... and don't worry !! this is a PART 1 extra tip: Part 2: extra tips: part 3 tips: part 5:
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