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Project: Culture of Iran


Jessica :)

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Project: Culture of Iran

Project: Culture of Iran Jessica Veliz Urban Infrastructure Sport Music and Dance Human and Civil Rights History and Tradition Travel Some famous building in Iran are the Badgir and the Azadi Tower. Iran also has a very intricate highway system that's located in Tehran. The most popular sport in Iran, is (Americans call it Soccer) Football. They participate in the FIFA
world cup and try to
improve the quality of
their performance,
instead of what place
they come in. History: The history of Iran goes back 2,500 years to the old days of the great Persian Empire. Here are some important dates in Iran's history:
300's B.C. Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire.
1221 The Mongols invaded Iran.
1908 Oil was discovered in Iran.
1963 Women voted for the first time.
Ritual foods are eaten in religious ceremonies. Family life- Iranian women have more freedom than women in other Muslim countries. Young boys are allowed to take jobs at an early age. To provide more income for their families.
City life- Merchants can sell their goods in shops in the cities.
Country life- Farmers have the right to their own properties and can live in villages. Iran is known for it's beauty, it's great palaces and Muslim churches. The most famous church is the Royal Mosque, in Isfahan. It is a beautiful building with many parks that surround the city. The ruins of Persepolis are a tourist attraction where there are ruins of stairways, sculptures and building bases. Something I noticed about Persian/ Iranian dances is that the women usually have long braided hair, and traditionally long and flowing dresses. Music: In Iran there is many different types of instruments. Stringed ones like Tars, Setars and Barbats. To drums and wind instruments like the Ney and the Tonbak. Badgir Azadi Tower Highway in Tehran Bibliography World Book Encyclopedia Volume 10
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