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Coke, Soda Water and mentos experiment by Alex and Zoe

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Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Coke, Soda Water and mentos experiment by Alex and Zoe

What we kept the same
What we did
Our investigation
Coke, Soda, Water and mentos experiment by Alex and Zoe
Our experimnet is to put one mentos into three seperate plastic cups. one filled with coke, another filled with soda, and one more filled with water, and to observe which one makes a bigger explosion or fizz.
3 plastic cups

Coca Cola

Soda Water



First we got our three plastic cups and filled one with 300ml of coca cola, another filled with 300ml of soda water, and one more filled with 300ml of water.Next we put a mentos in each cup and observed what happened.
what happened
Once we Emmersed the mentos into the coca cola it started fizzing. Fizz was coming off the mentos floating up to the surface causing this little volcano. that same result happened to the soda water.When we emmersed the mentos into the water cup while the others were fizzing it had peeled and at the end you could see shavings in the water.
Once we emmersed mentos into the coca cola it started fizzing because the mentos mixing with the type of soda was causing the mentos to produce carbon dioxide (the fizz).The carbon dioxide needs to find a way out so it floats up in bubbles to the surfacE causing it to look a bit like a volcano.That same thing happened to the soda water. The mentos in the water peeled due to it breaking down from soakijng in the water from saturaration.
What really happend
What we changed
What we measured
a Fair Test
We kept the brands of the Coke and Soda and the colour of mentos the same
We change what we did the experiment in, instead of a coke, soda or water bottle we did it in plastic cups
We measured the amount of of coke, soda and water
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