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Melanie Authier

for art class!

alicia kwon

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Melanie Authier

Style Melanie likes abstract art. She likes to utilize visual contrasts in colour and texture, line and shape. Because of these contrasts, viewers sometimes get a sense of disorientation when studying her paintings. They clash and almost seem as if they are competing for space, but are not overwhelming. Her paintings are interesting, unique, and please many critiques. She likes to overlap different paints. Lots of her paintings also have a blocky, chopped look to them.

Melanie's quotes: "I am interested in these ideas but more in relation to creating a sense of disorientation or disjunction. The combinations of space that I work to produce in my paintings are achieved through dynamics of abstraction."
"Each of my paintings is a journey that engages chaos."

Melanie Authier a contemporary artist She was born in Montreal in 1980. She is currently 33 years old and is painting in her studio in Ottawa. Melanie Authier is a well-known artist exhibited across Canada, such as Toronto, Calgary, London, Victoria and many more. Melanie earned her BFA (Bachelors' degree of Fine Arts) from Concordia University, Montreal in 2002. She also earned her MFA (Masters' degree in Fine Arts) at the University of Guelph in 2006. Fireball Buster The Trickery Of Proximity Shuzzle Deluxe Sources www.melanieauthier.com http://www.canadianart.ca/artist/melanie-authier/ www.melanieauthier.com Melanie Authier is a Canadian contemporary artist (modern artist). Fireball Buster Fireball Buster is the painting I chose to represent Melanie Authier. It is one of her older paintings, from 2005. I chose the piece because I liked the colours and the way they overlapped looked. I also took notice that, although the piece looks simple, there are very details lines on the left side of the piece. I also liked that the colours were bright, and against a white background, so it looks very clean and modern. i chose to use chalk pastels for my recreation, instead of the acrylic paints of the original piece, because the distinctive orange would look brighter than paint, and also because the colour would be harder to mix in paints, and the shade would be off. it would be easier to mix pastels. I think the message of Fireball Buster is that if you look closely, you can see things that you never saw before. The reason I think that is because the painting does not look like a fireball at first, but upon inspection, it does resemble one. For example, the red ridges running along the edge of the orange on the right side resemble flames. The black parts resemble smoke, and the left side is a trail of fire and smoke coming off of the fireball. I love peanut butter <3
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