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Shakespeare's Theatre in the Round

No description

Brigitte Eichenberg

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Shakespeare's Theatre in the Round

Shakespeare's Theater in the Round
Theater in the Round
The Globe
History of the Theater
The theatre was built
The carpenter Peter Smith and his team worked hard to build and complete the Globe Theatre in just two years.
The Globe is on Fire!
On the night of June 29, 1613 during the performance of "King Henry VIII" a cannon was supposed to go off from the attic close to
the thatched
roof and when
the cannon
went off, the
roof caught
fire! Luckily,
the Globe was later rebuilt in 1614.
All stage productions are banned!
On September 1, 1642, the British Parliament releases an order to stop all stage plays and the Globe shows no more plays or productions.
The Globe was torn down
The parliament, or the Puritans, destroyed the Globe and sold it to a land owner.
Bringing Theater to All
Trumpet, Cannon, Action!
Banning of performances in 1642
The Puritans were a group of Protestants who wanted to simplify and regulate the way of worship.
The Puritans thought that most theater was "sinful" and they wanted to eliminate it but the only way to do that was to eliminate all theater productions.
All theater were to be torn down ,including the Globe, and all actors were to be considered rouges or dishonest man.
"All the World's a stage, and all the men and women merely players."
The next year, 1599, the theatre opened!
The shows go on!
The Puritans fell and Theatres reopened! Sadly, the beloved Globe was not rebuilt until 1992 and reopened in 1997.
The history of the Globe
The design and architecture
How Shakespeare brought theater to all
How shows were put on
The banning of all stage performances in 1642
Bare stage
only needed props were seen
sounds, costumes or actions wold help the audience get an idea of the scene
important way portraying time period
distinguished characters
way to convey information about the characters
Props were limited
had to be easy to carry on and off stage by actors
used same props for several different shows to save money
All males
Had to be able to read
Did not need any formal acting training
performance of "McBeth" at UT
A male plays "Olivia" in "Twelfth Night"

- As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII
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