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Think, Write, Pair, Share

No description

Barry Lee

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Think, Write, Pair, Share

Read, Write, Pair, Share
Literary Strategy for
the Content Area

Read, Write, Pair, Share
Don't continue to overlook the shy kid with great insight who sits in the distance. Widen your range of student participation in classroom discussions through written expression and meaningful conversations.
Maygan Green
EDRD 730

Read, Write, Pair, Share is a literary strategy used during instruction to enhance comprehension, writing, and oral language through written and peer interactions.
Read, Write, Think, Share is a strategy used to engage
students in meaningful and appropriate interaction, both written and verbal.
Read, write, pair, share promotes peer
interaction and accountable
talk. It is a great way for
teachers to reduce the fear
of public speaking and grants
even your most reluctant students
a chance to share their thoughts.
What to do?
Read, Write, Pair, Share should be implemented during the lesson to get student's initial response to a reading, video, experiment, problem, or teacher posed question.
Students read a newspaper article. The teacher posed the question "What do you think about the government shutdown?"
1. The students will read a passage
2. The students will write a response
to the reading. This response can be
personal or a question the teacher posed.
3. The students will then discuss their thoughts with
a partner
4. The students will share their response with the
*Teachers can read passages aloud.
*Responses can be in the form of
a question, feeling, reaction, or connection to the readings instead of teacher posed questions.
*Instead of sharing with the class, students can find new partner to share with

Maygan Green/Barry Lee
EDRD 730

What do you think about the
government shutdown?
I think that the
government shutdown
was not cool. It ...
I agree it wasn't
cool because many people
went the whole shutdown
without pay. Even
child care facilities were closed and veterans were affected as well.

We can share how
we were both upset that
it came down to a shutdown
that affected many citizens
especially those who served in the
Engages many students
Helps reluctant students respond
Gives English language learners a comfortable experience
Helps, girls, who often want to check with a peer

How can it be used on different grade levels?

Discussion of a short story

Middle School
Analyzing an article

High School
Analyzing a historical document or an
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