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jamaica population density and distribution

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Sarah Jeffries

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of jamaica population density and distribution

Jamaica's population density
The country of Jamaica has a population density of 250 people per km squared, this means that it has a high population density. This means that the amount of people per kilometer squared is higher then 151 people.

One of the reasons Jamaica may have a high population density is their warm and pleasant climate. In Jamaica the average temperatures are between 22˚c and 31˚c, this tends to draw people to the area.

Jamaica's population distribution
Jamaica's population distribution
One thing that can effect population distribution is the geographical structure of the area. If the area is mainly mountains and has little flat land the population distribution will most likely be low because that type of living space is not preferred by most people.
If the land is relatively flat and low, it will most likely attract more people and have a high population distribution rate.
Jamaica's population distribution
Population distribution can also be affected by the history of the country.
One of the areas first populated in Jamaica was Kingston, Jamaica. Kingston then became the biggest settlement in Jamaica and still continues to be capital of Jamaica. Because this settlement was early established, it had time to grow, and become more and more populated, compared to a newer settlement.
Jamaica's high population density
Another reason Jamaica may have a high population density is its very lush vegetation. The many different species of plants not only provide the feeling of a lost paradise, but they also provide countless amounts of supplies, such as food and shelter. This makes Jamaica a more habitable place to live therefore attracting people to the area.

A final factor that shows that Jamaica has a high population density is its total population and its area per kilometer squared. Jamaica has a surface area of 10,830 km squared, and a population of 2,715,000 people, leading to there being a high amount of people in a small area.

population density and distribution
Some areas of Jamaica, like other other countries, are more populated then others. There are several reasons for this such as the landforms or the development in the area.
= highly populated
=less than 20 peopleper km2
Jamaica Population Distribution
Another thing that may affect Jamaica's population distribution is its rate of economic development.
If an area, like St. Andrew, Jamaica, has a great amount of economic activity, such as retail sale, manufacturing, finance and business, the results are high population density. Due to all of the economic activity in these areas people can live in a smaller community with many more people.
In areas with low amounts of economic activity, people are dependent on land to grow food, and provide supplies to survive. Because the need for land, communities in that area are more spaced out allowing less people to live in a bigger space.
jamaica's population distribution
If there are high amounts of water or other natural resources in an area, that area would most likely be more densely populated,then the area without those resources.
This happens because naturally people need resources such as food, water, oil, and minerals, and it is more convenient to live in a place where the supplies are easily retrieved.
Jamaica's population density and distribution
As a conclusion there are many reasons for Jamaica's, high population density, and population distribution, but overall t is a pretty decent place to live.
Thank you
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