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Copy of Charles Schulz Biography

No description

Jarrad Phillips

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Charles Schulz Biography

The Biography of Charles Monroe Schulz by Addy Phillips November 26, 1922 Charles Schulz was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. February 22, 1937 At age 14, Schulz's first drawing was published in Ripley's "Believe It or Not!" The drawing was of his dog who ate all sorts of odd things. March, 1940 He was selected into an art school. Though the course was expensive, Schulz's family was able to pay the cost little by little. December 7, 1941 The U.S joined World War 2. November, 1942 Charles was drafted into the army. Schulz graduated from art school on December 1st 1941 February, 1933 Sadly, Schulz's mother died from cancer. Back then doctors didn't tell their patients that they had a life threatening disease. May, 1945 The world war in Europe ended. Not the entire world war... just in Europe. June 11th, 1950 Charles got his first job as a cartoonist. Originally his comics where titled "Li'l Folks" but his employers changed the name to Peanuts. October 2, 1950 Charles Shulz's first Peanuts comic strip ran in the newspaper! 1951 By 1951 Schulz's strip ran in 20 different newspapers. 1952 The Sunday strip of Peanuts was added to many more newspapers. 1955 By 1955 Peanuts ran in 100 newspapers! 1960 He moved from Minnesota to California. This was one of Charles's yearbook pictures Dec 9, 1965 The first Peanuts television show was shown. It was A Charlie Brown Christmas. May 29, 1966 Sadly Schulz's father passed away. 1969 Schulz won his second Ruben award. September, 1981 Schulz had open heart surgery. February 12, 2000 After living a wonderful, long and happy life Charles Monroe Schulz passed away. 1956 Charles won a Reuben award. A Reuben award is an award given to excellent cartoonists. take a look at some of Schulz's comics And that's a bit about Charles Schulz's life.
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