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LEAD 315: Interfaith Diversity

Basic guidelines to increase awareness of interfaith diversity in the workplace

Rachel Bennett

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of LEAD 315: Interfaith Diversity

Rachel Bennett
Assistant to the Dean of the Chapel
Fish Interfaith Center LEAD 315
Interfaith Diversity goals & definitions examples in the news religious privilege ? what is privilege? how do we navigate interfaith diversity? Provide background and context
Examine our own identities and their implications
How we can be better advocates and allies in the professional and community arenas
Interfaith: religious, spiritual or non-spiritual identity
In 2010 the US Dept of Justice reported that of 6,624 single-bias hate incidents, 20% were related to religious bias

65.4% were anti-Jewish
13.2% were anti-Islamic
9.5% were anti-other religion, i.e., those not specified
4.3% were anti-Catholic
3.8% were anti-multiple religions, group
3.3% were anti-Protestant
0.5%were anti-Atheism/Agnosticism August 2012: Oak Creek, WI shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin
April 9, 2013: Holocaust Remembrance Day, destruction of Mezuzahs in Brooklyn neighborhoods
Others? Exclusive advantages or benefits that are afforded to certain people based on their group identity or status where do we stand exercise why is this important? examples (Even as late as 2011 the PEW Research Center reported that 60% of Americans are “very to somewhat concerned” about Islamic extremism) what is christian privilege? American = Christian, English, free and white
This definition gives us an indication of its origin and how it intersects with ethnic and racial identity
E.g. Native American religions, eastern religions christian privilege exercise (Adapted from Heterosexual Privilege exercise by Bill Gelder) don't Assume comfort levels especially in a work environment!
Make someone a "spokesperson"
Debate (dialogue that is truly open is about listening and respecting differences) do Educate yourself!
Speak YOUR truth--diversity is GOOD
Ask questions when appropriate
Be aware of practices and dietary needs religious landscape Chapman Nationally Christian 78.4%
Other religions 4.7%
Jewish 1.7%
Buddhist 0.7%
Muslim 0.6%
Hindu 0.4%
Other world religion <0.3%
Unaffiliated 16.1% Christian 83.2%
Other religions
Jewish 10.7%
Buddhist 2.1%
Muslim 1.9%
Hindu 1.2%
Other world religion 0.9%
Unaffiliated 19.3 % some examples •What can you say or do to help people move forward?

•What INFORMATION is needed by the group so that they might have a better chance of hearing and understanding each other? Consider: resources Interfaith calendar:
Fish Interfaith Center
Phone: (714) 628-7260


Literature Resources
Interfaith Peacebuilding Guide (United Religious Initiative)
Abu-Nimer, Mohammed. “Conflict Resolution, Culture, and Religion: Toward a Training Model of Interreligious Peacebuilding.” Journal of Peace Research 38(6) (2001): 685-704.
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