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Morse Code

No description

Emma Kruse

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Morse Code

How was Morse Invented?
Telegraphers used to translate dots on a paper, until they realized they could listen to the clicks of the machine, which became Morse code.
What was Morse Used For?
It was used by telegraph operators and encrypting military messages in WWII. Military hid messages for war ships and naval bases. Pilots were required to learn Morse. Telegraph operators used it and made the tape within it obsolete. Different variations on area. More reliable than voice in bad signal. Most people have heard the SOS message.
Who Used Morse Code?
Some Technical Terms
A fist is the ability to properly transmit Morse. Dits and dahs are the vocalizations of the dots and dashes used in Morse. The sequence of the dots and dashes derives from the frequency of the letter's usage. Prosigns are procedural signals that are dot/dash sequence symbols that do not represent written or printed language alphanumeric or punctuation characters.
Some Quotes from a User of Morse
Frank Goepferich- "The U.S. army required [knowing Morse]... [I remember] very little [Morse]... I think it's important to learn the history... I don't think it's important for people to learn [Morse]."
Morse Code
- .... .. ... ..
-- -.-- -- --- .-. ... .
-.-. ... -.. .
.--. .-. --- .--- . -.-. -
(This is my Morse code project.)
Used by amateur radio operators, but it's not required for licensing. Used with pilots and air traffic controllers. Was used with telegraph operators.
Some Resources I Used
This is an app I used.
One of the charts I used.
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By Emma Kruse
What is Morse?
Morse is a way for people to encode messages through a series of on-off signals. The duration of such signals is important.
Here's a Video!
The SOS sign.
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