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school life

No description

Logan Reynolds

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of school life

My Education odyssey by Logan Reynolds Kindergarten when i was in kindergarten i had a class pet he was a guinea-pig and he was awesome and i got to touch him and he was furry 1st grade i caught a catfish when my dad and i went fishing and it was the first fish i ever caught and it was special to me because it was a valubal expirence with my dad look at this pretty arrow!!!! 2nd grade in second grade i met my friend bruno and he was like my best friend the whole year and he liked to climb just as much as i did and taught me how to climb more complicated things until he moved back to germany with his family piggy!!!!!!!!! fishey!!!!!!! 3rd grade bruno and o.j.!!!!! haha third grade was awesome!!! we had this thing where everyone in our grade brought in diferent foods an it taisted soo good i ate till i puked all over the floor and i was fine but got to go home early after i ate all that awesome food and puked!!! haha oh stop its just milk... 4th grade i had my teacher mr. hammer and he taught me to be a better person and to do my work and without him i probably would've failed the 4th grade 5th grade i met my friend carlind and he took me to cedar point and it was the first time i went and i loved it 6th grade in sixth grade my grandpa died from lucimia a cancer and i didnt realize how much he meant to me until he was gone 7th grade
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