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Mylinda Moreno

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of History

Thomas Malthus
Garden Grove
Mylinda Moreno and Tristan Ho
Had a theory that there would never be a perfect utopia
Had a pessimistic view on society and how a population might grow
His works influenced Laissez-Faire
We studied this historical figure because he was a philosopher and came up with a theory about human population
Thought human population would not grow, if not kept on check, because not enough food would be produced to accommodate the population growth
Gave agricultural development the benefit of the doubt for the United States, over estimated it
the world was coming up with many ideas about government
Would say that the government works pretty well compared to the government system of his time
Would also notice that the human population is doing very well in keeping the people fed except for the homeless or those who are not able to feed themselves
he was good and made a good contribution to history because he gave the world an idea of how much food would need to be produced in order to keep everyone alive
Without Thomas Malthus the world would be full of communism because, without Laissez-Faire the government would interfere with all private affairs.
Beautiful city which we live in
Where we will be putting our historical figures for a day
Approximately 5 miles away from DISNEY LAND!

Muammar al-Qaddafi
Pol Pot
Was head of Khmer Rogue from 1968 to his death in 1998
Killed nearly 2 million Cambodians in 4 years known as the Cambodian Genocide
The Cambodian Genocide and the fact that he caused this many deaths is the reason we study this historic dictator
Tried to wipe Cambodia from the modern world map
He would have a chaotic day in Garden Grove because it is a democratic government and not communist
Pol Pot was important to history because he had a significant change in the Cold War.
Pol Pot is another war criminal that killed many citizens .
Cambodia would have a higher population if Pol Pot didn't exist.
Dictator of Libya from 1969 to assassination in October of 2011
Was an eccentric(weird) dictator
Went from sponsoring terrorism to trying to make peace with the world
Was charged with crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court, along with his son
Putting him in Garden Grove today, he would have tried to live a life of peace since he attempted to make peace with the Western countries towards the end of his ruling
He also might have tried to make himself of some power, since he likes power and ruling over a country
Mohmar Ghadaffi was a ruthless dictator.
Lawerence Of Arabia
(T.E. Lawrence)
Poor Lawrence couldn't live up to his mother's high expectations.
He was enormously skillful diplomat with uncanny insight into geography.
Was put in Arabia for his knowledge of Arabic and served in the Arab Bureau at GHQ
Aided the Arabs in their Arab revolt against the Turks with Amir Feidel
His Admirers saw him as a brilliant courageous person whose tactics place him among the greatest in history.
To haters he was a self-aggrandizing manipulative liar who exaggerated his own role in Arab rising against the Turks
Today, he would be involved with the military and be put in Afghanistan
Lawrence of Arabia was important to history because he led a great revolt against the Ottoman Empire.
The world was in war during his time of existence.
We studied him because he changed history for the war.
Lawrence of Arabia was a good historical figure because he gave the Arabs a homeland for fighting in the war.
Hideki Tojo
Military leader
He was born in Tokyo December 30th, 1884
He chose a life in the military serving in Manchuria
Went from Chief of Staff to Premier in Japanese military
Became dictator of Japan
He drafted a new mobilization plans that increased tensions between US and Japan
Attempted suicide but saved by doctors then hanged for war crimes
Today, if he were young enough, he would try to join the military and come into some type of power
If not join the military he would watch how the government works and try to work himself into it
Hideki Tojo was important to history because he changed the way the Japanese fought.
The world was at war again while Hideki was alive.
I think he would hate to be in America because he despised us.
From my research Hideki was a notorious war criminal.
I think the world would be happier without Hideki.

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