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fab lab conferenza stampa-SHORT

progetto di nuova impresa ad alto contenuto innovativo

francesco bombardi

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of fab lab conferenza stampa-SHORT

WHO "the third
industrial revolution" Fab Labs (digital fabrication - fabbing laboratory) are a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access for individuals to tools for digital fabrication. WHAT is
a fab lab WHAT do it yourself
customize WHAT FOR fashion design product design food design furniture design architecture biomedical consumer producer prosumer smart cities open data trust bottom up policy digital revolution social networks tedx collective intelligence television
analogic connective intelligence interaction
digital http://issuu.com/fablabbcn/docs/lamp_fold_01/19 http://issuu.com/fablabbcn/docs/fabchair/3 http://issuu.com/fablabbcn/docs/rings/8 http://issuu.com/fablabbcn/docs/fablab-convoc_julio2011-resum http://fablabbcn.org/machines/fab-lab-pro/ which
context RISKS:
-too much VIRTUAL
-social exclusions MATTERS NOT META WHERE TO new approach
new aesthetic http://blog.sculpteo.com/2012/08/10/a-matrix-of-the-3d-printing-world-of-2012/ MAKERS "I "makers" (dal verbo inglese <make>, fare) sono un fenomeno moderno che affonda le radici in un sentimento antico, innato nell'essere umano: il desiderio di produrre, riparare, modificare gli oggetti."
Luca Castelli - La stampa Domenico di Siena joris laarman -makeme atfab GERRA CENTRO LORIS MALAGUZZI TECNOPOLO trasferimento tecnologico - trasferimento talenti tt si esprimono crescono si applicano idea challenge competenze territoriali distintive energia food meccatronica pedagogia-reggio approach ICT grazie! francesco bombardi www.fablabreggioemilia.org open innovation realtà aumentata (low tech-no access to media) fab lab school Fab Lab community
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