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Terry Le

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of speech

Bumbo Seats
-over 4 million sold
-2 baby skull fractures
-99.999% safe Obsessive Parenting and a Culture of Fear Seattle School Cordons off 3-foot hill Drummoyne Grammar School bans cartwheels, handstands and somersaults Johnny Mcgirr was forced to change seats
Only applies to men
For the safety of the children Lenore Skenazy Let her children play in the cul de sac
Arrested for child endangerment Abigail Rae All Crime has been decreasing since the 90's What is this doing to the children? Buchanan and LeMoyne found:
A negative correlation with psychological well-being
A positive correlation with recreational drug use “Too many children were injured while using this product,” says Consumer Federation of America product safety director Rachel Weintraub.
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