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Presentació on cinemetrics 01

No description

eugènia vidal

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Presentació on cinemetrics 01

Set of variables that act and react on each other. Combination of physical and psychic reality.

Spatial context, long distance.
Don’t follow any action or impulse.
Gaseous, liquid or solid-object space.
Objective image, firstness.

Full of feeling, close up.
Color, smell, texture.
Lack of time and space references.
Iconic, pure image, direct appearance.

Between affection and action image.
Unreflective urge to act.
Space of originary world.

Facts, medium distance.
Indexical information, points to social identity. Secondness.

Interruption of the action.
Deformations, transformations or transmutations
Help to explain and goes beyond the action-image

Patterns and context.
Focus on relations, symbolic acts,
intellectual feelings.
Thirdness, symbolic space.
Perception Image
Affection Image
Impulse Image
Action Image
Reflection Image
Relation Image
Selection of space-time blocks from a fix point of view.
Architectural space.

Five aspects of framing:
- saturated/rarefied information
- character of the limits
- relationships between the parts and the frame
- forced or objective point of view
- relationship with the out-of-field.

Zoom in and out, turn on and off layers.

to provisionally define closed set of information within an open whole of matter-flux.
Mobilizing the camera as a drawing tool on a given plane.
Between frame and montage.
Socio-spatial fields of relationship.

Tracks forward and back, pans clockwise and counterclockwise,
tilting up and down.

Putting together a cinematic image.
It expresses logic of composition, a concept or a regulating idea.
Memory complicates the linear assembling, use of feedbacks, loops.
Crystalline regime, different relationships between the past and the present.
What is Cinemetrics?
A drawing system that combines film, architectural plans and timelines to map, space, time and movement, what is called matter-flux
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