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Types of Irony - Duggan

No description

Laura Duggan

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Types of Irony - Duggan

A general definition for irony is:
the use of words or actions to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning or the opposite of something that is supposed to happen.
There are three types of irony: Situational irony, verbal irony, and dramatic irony.
The first type of irony is situational irony. This type of irony is when the opposite of what is expected to happen or is supposed to happen, happens.
The second type of irony is
verbal irony. This type of irony is when you say one thing but you really mean the opposite.

The last type of irony is dramatic irony. This type of irony is when the reader or the audience is aware of something of which the character in the story is not.
In the picture to the right the girl is saying it is a nice day outside, but really she means it is very ugly out.
The poster to the right is covered with profiles of Sherlock Holmes smoking a pipe. The sign clearly states no smoking. This is a type of situational irony.
This picture to the right is an example of irony because it displays a fitness center with an escalator. This is ironic since the gym is a place where you are supposed to get in shape.
1. Darcy chattered about the costume party all week. Everyone was invited! Then her mother came home with a costume. Darcy stared at it. Was this some kind of joke? She could never wear something so lame. It was a fuzzy bunny costume that zipped all the way up to her neck. This was not the cute bunny costume she had had in mind...

Darcy went to the party anyhow, but her face became flushed as she stood at the door. Her friends had dressed up as zombies and cute barbies; she felt stupid. Her friends practically forced her to compete in the costume contest, and she was mortified. She knew everyone was going to laugh at her.

In a surprise twist, the grand prize went to Darcy! Her bunny costume was the most original one at the party!
1. Situational Irony
2. Verbal Irony
3. Situational Irony
4. Dramatic Irony
5. Situational Irony
6. Verbal Irony
Answers to the Practice:
When watching the film Titanic, we know something the passengers don't (it's going to sink). The Titanic was supposed to be the unsinkable ship. What the passengers didn't know, however, was that there was an iceberg in the water that would soon become deadly.
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Think of verbal irony as sarcasm!
2. Katie's boyfriend showed up at her house in ripped up blue jeans and a sweaty t-shirt. "Wow!" she said. "I'm really glad to see you dressed up for our date tonight!"
6. The cake was as soft as concrete--so fluffy and moist!
Example: "Nice going, Einstein!"
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