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The 7th Habit - Sharpening the Saw

No description

andrew sanderson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of The 7th Habit - Sharpening the Saw

The Seventh Habit Sharpening the Saw Body Brain Heart Soul 10 Strategies 1. Eat good food 2. Relax in the bathtub 3. Bike 4. Lift weights 5. Get enough sleep 6. Practice yoga 7. Play sports 8. Take walks 9. Stretch out 10. Do an aerobics workout drinking dr
For teens: Homicide Drinking For teens: Car Accidents Homicide Suicide Smoking/ Drugs Screw with your eyes Skin Age Faster Teeth turn yellow Bad breath Triple your cavities Drugs is also something that rots your brain a good way to improve your brain is to
read on a consistent basis read the newspaper every day subscribe to national geographic travel plant a garden observe wildlife attend a lecture on a interesting
topic watch the discovery channel visit a libary listen to the news research your ancestors write a story, poem, or song play a challenging board games debate play a game of chess visit a museum comment in class attend a ballet, opera, or play learn to play a musical insturment have stimulating conversations with friends solve crossword puzzles THE COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAM (Adapted for Football Players) Laughter
is the best medicine for the heart SEX Dont have it till your ready remember KIDS is the worst STD The 50 Reasons why FEED YOUR SOUL Meditating serving others writing in my journal going for a walk reading inspiring books drawing praying writing poetry or music thinking deeply listening to uplifting music playing a musical insturment practicing a religion talking to friends I can be myself reflecting on my goals or mission statement Hiding in plan site finding a good little place to chill outside
is an amazing way to relax even if it is in your own back yard but the more seluded the better YOUR BEST FRIEND YOU who can you trust if you cant trust your self so it only makes sence your best friend is the one you can trust the most Barney's Chain Of Screaming Jenny by Flight Of The Concords do i know you? First Times Maslow's Pyramid Of Needs Physiological/ Comfort Breathing Food Water Sex Sleep Saftey/ Security Personal Fianacail Health Love/ Belonging Friendship Family Sexual Itimacy Clubs/ Teams Gangs Religous Groups Esteem Self Esteem Confidence Avechment Repect of Others Respect By Others Self - Actulization Non- Dirty Humor Wise Seem Cold Not Prejudice MOVIE TIME 10 54 12 10 right place right time MOVIE TIME 18 05 20 50 MOVIE TIME Phil Collins "gorilla drummer" cadbury ad (dairy milk) 10 40
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