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success 111

final project 2

Becca Bauman

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of success 111

My Future success 111 Go to college Become a surgeon Later in life I would like to be a surgeon. Colleges that offer these requirements in the northwest. Graduate High school OHSU- Oregon Health and Science University in Portland Oregon.
University of Washington- Seattle campus. After I graduate High school I will need to know these things for college? To do this I would need to pass all of my classes and get into a good college. I want to become a surgeon so I can help people. To do this i will need: 1) Diploma -- High School is the first step.
2) Bachelor of Science/Arts -- Your four year degree in the major of your choice, preferably Biology. Enroll in the Pre-med program in order to be prepared for the MCAT's and get accepted into Medical School.
3) Medical Degree -- A 4 year program in medical school.
4) 1-3 Years Internship (Many people do it in one or two years)
5) Your medical residency which is AT LEAST 4 years, but for surgeon it's going to take a couple more years. How much does College and Med School cost? It will cost about $200,000. $80,000 for college and $120,00 for medical school.
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