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Jamestown and Plymouth

No description

Mr Catullo

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of Jamestown and Plymouth

The Basics

November 21,
1620 by Pilgrims

from England
Located in Massachusetts

Like Jamestown was a
joint stock company
Religious Reasons: wanted to separate from Church of England,

left England to avoid religious persecution
Brief Background of Journey
Pilgrims leave England and go to Netherlands to practice religion
leave Netherlands because they don't want their kids losing English culture
Set Sail on Mayflower
got lost after 2 months
land in Massachusetts
Create Mayflower Compact
a legal contract where they agreed to make fair laws to protect the general good of everyone (unlike Jamestown)
Life in Plymouth
Hard to make living
Bad, rocky soil, tough hunting and fishing conditions
Learned farming techniques from Native Americans
Shared first harvest with Natives = Thanksgiving
In exchange, the Pilgrims helped Native Americans against rival tribes
Different from Jamestown:
Had education
Strong religion
Family oriented
A lot of women's rights
Not there for economic reasons
Men farmed/ woman ran house
The Basics
May 14,
1607 by 104 colonists
(mostly dudes)
from the London Company
Located in Virginia
1st permanent English settlement in America
Was a
joint stock company: everyone involved shares the cost and risks of starting a colony
Economic reasons: wanted gold, resources and trade!
BY first winter 2/3 died
why? disease & lack of farming skills
JOHN SMITH: (1608)
Improves life by :
builds a fort
creates rules/rewards hard workers
Help from natives
( Powhatan confederacy)
on how to farm

bad winter,disease, by spring 1610 only 60 alive!

JOHN ROLFE: ( 1610)
introduces tobacco to England, sells awesome, huge profits!
leads to tobacco becoming a cash crop
Makes up for lack of gold
Marries Pocahontas
Life in Jamestown
Mostly men
Difficult due to lack of preparation:
founders were merchants with no useful skills
such as: hunting, construction, farming ect.
This leads to starvation, lack of protection
( sometimes cannibalism!)
Diseases and lack of fresh water
located by water= mosquitoes
Wasted time looking for gold when growing crops is the real key to success (tobacco)
Eventually, charter revoked and will be taken over by King of England and become part of Virginia Colony
JAMESTOWN was founded for ECONOMIC reasons

PLYMOUTH was founded for RELIGIOUS reasons
Jamestown vs Plymouth
Why settle?
joint stock company
cash crop
Cartoon John
Way better looking, I used to be Batman, John
3 Steps To Becoming a Pilgrim

1. Become a
disagreed with how much power the church of England and priests had in England. Purify the church.

2. Become a
- Separate from the Church of England. This led to persecution (punishments)
such as being thrown in jail, losing jobs, over taxed, or even exile and death.

3. Become a
- A Puritan separatist flees a country (becomes an immigrant) rather than being persecuted.
In this case, they have fled to the New World (America).

As we go over these definitions in the slide show be sure to write them down!!!
BOTH founded as joint stock companies & depended on help from natives to survive
Check out all the land Spain has! Britain wants in on the economic action
Based on the Disney movie, what do you
believe the relationship between Pocahontas
and John Smith was like?
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