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Bushranger - Jack Donahue

The life to death facts of Bold Jack Donahue

Laura Shanahan

on 23 November 2011

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Transcript of Bushranger - Jack Donahue

Jack Donahue By Laura
Shanahan His Death On 1st September 1830 Jack was found near a creek in Bringelly.Private John Muckleston fired his rifle and pistol hitting Donahue in the neck and forehead. Early Life Jack Donahue was born in Dublin, Ireland 1804. He was in treouble with the police for his political activities to gain independance for Ireland. In 1824, he was found guilty of ' intent to commit a felony" which means he had intended to to do something wrong.
He was sent to Sydney on the convict ship "Ann and Amelia", which arrived on 2 January, 1825.He was assigned to work on a farm in Parramatta for a man named Mr Pagan. Bushranging Days Donahue was soon in trouble with the law as he escaped the farm in Parramatta. He began to work with two men named George Kilroy and Bill Smith in which they committed crimes. The police soon captured them and sentenced them to death.Whilst they were being transported to jail in Sydney Jack Donahue managed to escape. The government offered a reward of $30 for his capture. Crimes One of Jack Donahue's most
well known crimes was stripping the rich of their food, clothing and any valuables they had. He also commited many other crimes especially bank robberies. Although the troopers managed to attend the crime quickly, Donahue always managed to escape. Ballads Many songs and ballads
were written about Jack Donahue. With the exception of Ned Kelly, there have been more songs, poems and ballads written about him than any other bushranger.Governor Ralph Darling told hotel owners that he would close them down if he heard any of their customers singing songs about him.
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