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Sales Workflow

No description

Pavneet Syan

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Sales Workflow

Q Team

qualifies, creates and distributes

Lead to

Account Owner


interacts with Rackspace

is created


is created


sent to Account Owner

Update status
Assign to Campaign

Add notes
Lead Checklist
Assign to Campaign
Attach Opportunity to existing or new contact
Opportunity Checklist
Update status
Adding Campaign to Task
Closed lost:
if the Sales Rep has been unable to close the deal with prospect
Marketing follow up:
when Prospect has shown interest but has not continued contact with Sales Rep (added to Nurture Programme)
On hold:
if project is put on hold for a certain time period
Opportunity for Rackspace to sell and send pricing for discussed project
Sent to sales:
Lead has been sent to Sales Reps but not yet contacted the Prospect
Sales Rep has contacted customer and working to qualify an Opportunity
Changing Lead Status
In progress:
when Sales Rep has attempted contact or is in contact with customer
More info needed:
when Sales Rep has contacted customer but requires more information
Once Sales Rep has contacted customer. Either this will lead to an Opp being created or not.
Changing Task Status
Adding Campaign to Opportunity

interacts with Rackspace

Update status
Assign to Campaign
Add notes
Task Checklist
Contact within 24 hours!
Select 'other' from 'type' menu
Search and select 'EMEA Lead Scoring Programme'
Select 'Campaign' from 'Related to' menu
Save and close!
Click 'Campaign History' on lead record
Search and select 'EMEA Lead Scoring Programme' in All Campaigns
Adding Campaign to Lead
Convert to Opportunity
Create Opportunity
No Opportunity
No Opportunity
Managing Opportunities
Stage 1- Planning & Identification
Stage 2- Opportunity Development
Stage 3- Proposal & Quote
Stage 4- Negotiation & Quote Mod
Stage 5- Closing the Business
Closed Won
Closed Lost
Validation Pending
Update status to 'Complete'
Save and close!
Using the 'Campaign Influence' tab, click onto 'Add to Campaign'
Click the icon to expand the search menu. Select 'All Campaigns' to find 'EMEA Lead Scoring Programme'
Example Score Combinations
Behaviour Score of 20-45
Behaviour Score of 46-59
Behaviour Score of 60+
3 Chili Scoring
Behaviour Score of 60+
Viewed 10 web pages 5 points
Visited Managed Cloud Product Page 15 points
Behaviour total increases to 95
Contact within 24 hours!
Viewed 10 web pages 5 points
Visited Managed Cloud Product Page 15 points
Abandoned Basket 30 points
Visited Managed Cloud Product Page 15 points
Abandoned Basket 30 points
Downloaded Customer Case Study 10 points
Visited Product demo video 8 points
Views multiple pages- 3 points
Visited Managed Cloud product page- 15 points
Update status to 'Complete'
Clicks through on email 4 points
EMEA Lead Scoring Programme
Change Status
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