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Phikeia Education Lecture 2

No description

James Thomson

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Phikeia Education Lecture 2

The History of Phi Delta Theta
1776 - Present

Phi Beta Kappa
First Greek-letter
Founded 1776
College of William and Mary
Snowball Rebellion
Alpha Delta Phi
Beta Theta Pi
Miami Triad
Phi Delta Theta
Sigma Chi
Beta Theta Pi
Union Triad
Kappa Alpha Society
Sigma Phi
Delta Phi
When and Where
10pm, December 26, Old North Dorm (now known as Elliot Hall), Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
Walter B. Palmer
George Banta Sr.
International Fraternity
Quebec Alpha, 1902
Phi Delt Today
80 houses
$100 million
3 Cardinal Principals
Moral Rectitude
Sound Learning
Greek Alphabet
Friendships of substance
Immortal Six
Robert Morrison
John McMillan Wilson
Robert Thompson Drake
John Wolfe Lindley
Ardivan Walker Rodgers
Andrew Watts Rogers
Second Founding Fathers
Fraternity Men, not "Frat Boys"
Holding ourselves to a higher standard
Gentleman's "C"
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