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Red Kayak Prezi :3

No description

Ashton Boddy

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Red Kayak Prezi :3

Red Kayak Story Map By Ashton Boddy Rising : 2. Brady babysits Ben 3. Brady, JT, and Digger get caught 1. The DiAngelos buy the land 4. Digger is angry with the DiAngelos 5. Brady gives the idea 6. Digger gets J.T. to help 7. Digger and J.T. steal the drill 8. Brady, J.T., and Digger see Mr.DiAngelo out with his kayak Climax : Brady finds the drill Falling : 20. Brady finds out what happened 21. Brady gets rid of the drill 22. Brady pulls the Kayak out of the water 9. Ben and Mrs. DiAngelo go missing 10. Brady finds Ben 11. Brady does CPR 12. They get a pulse from Ben 13. Ben dies 14. Brady blames himself 15. Brady stops crabbing 16. Brady starts helping Mrs.DiAngelo 17. Brady tells Mrs.DiAngelo about the garden 18. Brady cleans the boathouse area 23. Brady gets involved with the police Work Cited Red Kayak By Priscilla Cummings Major Characters : Brady - Digger - J.T. - Minor Characters Brady's Mom Brady's Dad Carl Mrs. DiAngelo Mr. DiAngelo Theme : Conflict : Brady knows why Ben died A 14 year old boy, a hard worker 'Tough' a friend of J.T. and Brady. Helps them out Very smart, gets picked on Setting : Maryland, close to Chesapeake bay Truth is the greatest argument Resolution : Brady goes to the police 24. J.T. and Digger plead guilty 25. Digger attempts to get J.T. out of trouble 26. Digger's attempt fails and they go to Juvenile Center for nine months
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