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Lilian - Character Trait Presentation

No description

Umar Mohammed

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Lilian - Character Trait Presentation

Budapest San
Francisco Character Trait Presentation Lilian In the book Chanda's Secrets by Allan
Stratton, Chanda's mother, Lilian is seen as a hard working person in the eyes of any reader because of how she continues to work as hard as she can to support her family no matter what. Hard Working The first example where Lilian is shown as a hard worker is proved when Chanda says, "After the blood money ran out, we couldn't afford to buy meat or eggs, so we stuck to soup and bread. Soon we cut the bread. That's when Mama said she's been offered a job cleaning house for Isaac Pheto." (Stratton 15) This proves that Lilian is trying to do as much as she can in order to support her family. Even in their darkest moments, Lilian is doing her best to earn some money. Many people would just give up in her situation, though Lilian portrayed her strong hard working personality and kept moving forward despite all that she has gone through. Even though she was paid very little doing a hard job, Lilian was willing to persevere. This quote depicts how Lilian is a very hard worker as she struggles to get back up on her feet again and continue to work for her family. Hard Working The hard working personality of Lilian is also shown when Chanda says, " Mama inherited the house, which gave us a place to live. She also started a vegetable garden and raised a few chickens in the front yard. But there was no more money. Mr. Dube's trips to the herbal doctor and his funeral had eaten most of his savings, and now Mama had three of us to support." (Stratton 20) This quote clearly explains the large amount of work that Lilian does for her family without being asked to do anything. From being in charge of the house to trying to grow some food, Lilian is running the entire family all by herself. She simply takes on all of the work without complaining which is an obvious sign of a hard worker. Even when things start to get out of hand, Lilian is still on track doing her best to support her family. In the end, hard working is Lilian's middle name which is shown through all of her work that she does for the one's she loves. Connection to you, the world and the society we live in You Society We all have parents that are very hard working. They do their best to ensure that we have a good education and successful future by working in jobs to earn money and helping us out on a day to day basis. One of the many qualities that employers look for in someone is being a hard worker and taking responsibility of their work. Being a hard worker is the key to success which can allow you to progress towards a better future. By: Umar Mohammed World The only way to achieve any goal in life is to believe in yourself and work hard towards it. Life is full of challenges and obstacles, but in order to make a place in the world, you will have to work hard. You can not achieve success just by hoping for it, you will have to work for it. What does Hard Working mean? Someone who is hard working:

Takes initiative in their work Always does their best
Determined, self-motivated
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