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Front Line Management 2010

Project LV Switching Manual

Sean Teehan

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Front Line Management 2010

Double click anywhere & add an idea Frontline Management Project 2010 My Project
I am goint to create a LV (low voltage) switching terminology manual, which will set a formatting standard for LV switching sheets. What is switching?
Switching is a series of operations on the electrical LV infrastructure that creates an electrically isolated work area. The work area is only deemed safe to work on once the conductors have been proven dead and earthed. What is a switching sheet?
A switching sheet is a document that is created that sets out the specific order in which switching operations are to be carried out, to create an electrically isollated work area. Thinkin' The Dawning of an idea Why did I choose this project?
During my time as a Network Controller and Training Consultant I have been heavily involved with HV (high voltage) switching sheets and terminology. I believe that the same standard should be set for the LV switching sheets as well. My aims for the project:
To create a LV switching manual for all LV switching operators.
To use this manual for training purposes (new apprentices).
Place the terminology onto the SODS system for LV sheet writting. Return on investment!
Increased productivity due to ease at which sheets can now be generated.
TSW 8's can delegate sheet writting to others knowing that there is a standard that all will follow, allowing them to concentrate on other tasks.
This manual will be used as a training tool at the Training Centre for all new LV switching operators.
This sets a high standard and will prevent any LV switching incidents. Key stakeholders:
TSW 8's
Training Consultants
LV switching operators Implementation strategy.
Gain as much info as possible about all LV switching operations.
Discuss with field personel and trainers and confirm terminology.
Discuss with printing services the development and printing of manuals.
Discuss with IT department about placing all operations onto the SODS system. My Targets Things that may slow this project down:
Time (to develop this manual).
Overcoming operators possible differences in LV terminology.
Printing delays.
IT (resourses to place info onto the SODS system). How did I establish my team.
By understanding who will benifit from this manual, I was able to put together a team of stakeholders who will ensure that the project succeeds. My sponsor for this project is Mark Olson Training Services Manager. Mark was happy to be my sponsor for he can see the benifits for the organisation and training services as well. Thank you for your time.
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