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investment incentives - tourism

investment incentives - tourism

Haluk A

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of investment incentives - tourism

Tourism of South Marmara and
New Investment Incentive System (IIS) New Investment Incentive System
in Turkey Tourism of
South Marmara South Marmara is one of the most nature-friendly tourism destinations and an attraction center with its unique
Marmara and Aegean coasts
historical places
ancient cities
Mount Ida
thermal water Tourism of
South Marmara Year round tourism with alternative tourism types Tourism of
South Marmara yachting ISS is effective since the
1st January 2012 tourism investments are supported by regional
investment incentives which have 4 different
types differ due to province or sub-region. for tourism investments in Turkey sight seeing Tourism in South Marmara and
New Investment Incentive System (IIS) for tourism investments in Turkey Coastal tourism
Health and thermal tourism
Cultural tourism
Gastronomy tourism
Festival tourism
Bird watching
Hunting Camping - caravan tourism
Highland tourism
Sailing and surfing tourism
Scuba diving and Sunken wreck tourism
Yachting tourism rock climbing scuba diving trekking ancient cities such as Assos,
Alexandreia Troas,
Apollon Simintheus,
Daskyleion, used in the movie "Troy"
with Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom see the wooden horse provinces of
Balıkesir and Çanakkale South Marmara Region
includes Tourism investments are supported by investment incentive system. The support measures increase from the 2nd region to the 6th region. Tourism investments (with three and higher star hotels, boutique hotels and etc.) are supported by regional investment incentives which have 4 different types differ due to province or sub-region: Çanakkale is in the 2nd region
Balıkesir is in the 3rd region
Cultural and Touristic Preservation and Development Regions benefit from 5th region measures
Kapıdag peninsula and South Marmara islands
Saros Gulf
Islands of Çanakkale, Gökçeada and Bozcaada are the 6nd region surfing Sunken wreck Ayvalık has great red coral
colonies in Ayvalık, Erdek and Gökçeada Thank you for your attention for more information
please do not hesitate to contact us South Marmara Development Agency
Balıkesir provincial directorate of Culture and Tourism
Çanakkale provincial directorate of Culture and Tourism qualified olive oil
two olive oil museums in the region
Zeytinli ada thermal tourism Thermal Tourism Centers (TTC) Balya Ilıca Şifa TTC
Bigadiç-Hisarköy TTC
Edremit Güre TTC
Gönen TTC
Gönen-Ekşidere TTC
Manyas-Kızık TTC
Sındırgı Hisaralan TTC
Susurluk Kepekler TTC Ayvacık-Tuzla TTC
Çan-Etili-Tepeköy TTC
Ezine Kestanbol TTC
Yenice-Hıdırlar TTC in Çanakkale in Balıkesir The region is known with its delicious and aromatic olive oil. transportation to the region (south marmara) one international and three national airports
ferry from İstanbul to Bandırma (2 hours)
ferry services from the mainland to the islands and vice versa.
state highway
railway connection charming beaches with blue flag hidden bays sun - sand - sea 8 4
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