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Short Story Analysis: A Rupee Earned

By: Daniel Chu, Mariah Nixon, Evelyn Gorman

Daniel Chu

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Short Story Analysis: A Rupee Earned

A Rupee Earned By: Daniel Chu, Mariah Nixon, Evelyn Gorman Plot Diagram Exposition -The father is a hardworking blacksmith.

-The son is a lazybones. Initial Incident -The father has grown old and cannot work anymore. Rising Action Climax Falling Action Outcome Conflict:
Man vs. man: the father tells the son that if he does not earn 1 Rupee he will not inherit anything from the father.
Man vs. self: the son needs to find the will power to get off his lazy butt and do some work.
The mother gives the lazy son a Rupee to trick the father and avoid doing any work.
The father does not believe that he earned the Rupee and throws it into the fire place.
Suspense: The complication is repeated. The mother tells the son that he needs work to earn his inheritance.
The son realizes that he cannot avoid work. The lazy son slowly earns 1 Rupee.
The father does not believe him and throws the Rupee into the fire.
The son retrieves the Rupee from the fire with his bare hands. The father believed that he had earned the Rupee
“As long as you work, you will have money and contentment, and all things will be yours. But if you will not work, another person’s money cannot help you, for someone else’s rupee is not worth one anna.”
The son inherited his property.
The father dies peacefully. Character Development Blacksmith MotheR Blacksmith The Blacksmith or Father in this story is a static character (meaning that the character doesn’t change or develop beyond the way in which they are first presented). Throughout the story the Blacksmith is depicted as a hard working selfless man who is very smart with his money. All he wants is for his son to become like him. So he gives his son a chance to earn his inheritance therefor learning to become on friendly terms with work and not taking anything for granted. The mother in the story is a Flat character (a character not fully developed that seems to represent a “type” more than a real personality). She is a perfect example of a typical Motherly role seeing as she is very overprotective of her son never wanting for him to suffer. She is always trying to protect her son and keep him close and the idea of him working and becoming independent from her scares her so she tries to help him but then realizes that in order for him to be spared from the suffering of not getting his inheritance he must learn to earn anna’s on his own without her help. is a lazy free-loader who doesn’t concern himself with the future and prefers deceiving people rather than earning what he wants. At first he sticks to his initial character presented and is lazy an doesn’t wish to earn his inheritance but instead with the help of his mother tries to deceive his father into believing that he actually did a day’s work to gain the inheritance and know what it’s like to actually earn something instead of always getting it for free. But near the end his mother convinces him to earn a couple annas here and there to make up a rupee in order to earn his inheritance. This change in personality made him go from a lazy free-loader to someone who doesn’t take things for granted and knows how to earn what he wants. Literary Techniques Irony: “counted the birds in the sky”. This line is ironic because he is too lazy to work but is willing to think and do math in his head. Foreshadowing: “anna” In the beginning of the story they kept mentioning the fact that the son had not earned an anna in his life before. Yet in order for him to earn or receive his father’s inheritance he must earn enough anna’s to make up a rupee. And that is exactly what he ends up doing. Symbols and Messages Some examples of personification are: “Lazybones”
As bones cannot be lazy.

“Perspiration poured from him in streams”
He physically cannot perspire streams. An example of a metaphor is: “But a paternal word is a stone mountain”
The father is referring to how his word cannot be changed and that there is no easy way to overcome his task Thanks Thank You For
Listening to Our
Prezi (: Thank You for Listening to Our Prezi! (:
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