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Brandon Mull

No description

Bailey Andrus

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Brandon Mull

His Books
The book Beyonders was the reason he actually started writing. The Beyonders story was in his mind for ten years before he actually wrote it down. However, he published Fablehaven before publishing Beyonders.
Brandon Mull in his childhood
Brandon Mull was born on Nov. 8 1974 therefore making him 39 years old right now.
His Passion for Reading
He has loved to read his whole life . One of his favorite series is the Chronicles of Narnia.
" When I found the Chronicles of Narnia I felt like I had found heaven." he said.
Wanting to be a writer
Brandon often kept his desire to be a writer secret. " I often kept the desire secret, because I knew that succeeding as a author would be a challenge, and I didn’t want people worrying about me or thinking I was crazy." he said.
Brandon Mull
by Bailey
Schools Attended

Brandon Mull went to Mt. Diablo Elementary School in Clayton, California. Brandon then attended Pine Hollow Middle School as a student, and then attended Clayton Valley. After that he went to BYU ( Brigham Young University) for college.

Fablehaven is a five book series. The first one is about two kids who are named Kendra and Seth. They go to their grandparents house, but mysteriously their grandmother is not there. One day they drink milk hidden in their grandparents yard and start seeing faries. Then their grandpa tells them that grandma and him own a magical reserve called Fablehaven.
The Candy Shop War

Since Brandon's publisher would only take one Fablehaven book each year he started to write a 2 book series called The Candy Shop War. He published The First Candy Shop War book before he published the first two Beyonders, but he published the second Candy Shop War book after he wrote the first 2 Beyonders. Then he wrote the third Beyonders book. He might write a third Candy Shop Wars book.

His Most Recent Book
Brandon Mull's most recent book is Spirit
Animals. It came out a few months ago. It was in the book fair. It is a series, but he only wrote the first book in the series. Other authors are writing the rest of the books.
Five Kingdoms
He is now currently writing a book called Five kingdoms. It is going to come out on March 11, 2014. It is a series. The second book is coming out on October 2014.
The Illustrators Of His Book Covers

Brandon Dorman
Brandon Dorman is the illustrator of Fablehaven. Some other books he illustrated are Snowman Magic, The Snow Angel, The Wizard, and Be Glad Your Nose Is On Your Face.
Antonio Caparo
Antonio Caparo is the illustrator of Beyonders. Some other books he illustrated are The Lost Treausre of Tuckernuck, The Magic Thief, and Invisible Lines.
Illustrator of The Candy Shop War, Spirit animals, and F ive Kingdoms
Spirit Animals, The Candy Shop War, and Five kingdoms are illustrated by their publishing companies.
His Current Life
He currently lives in Provo Utah.
How has becoming and author changed his life?
He enjoys writing more than any other job he has ever had. For him writing is more like an activity than a task. Also, he makes more money writing than any other job he's had before. He also thinks it is weird that strangers know his name from his books.
What inspires him to write?
Ever since he was a kid he daydreamed about stories. As he got older the more he wanted to write those stories down. He also is inspired by other books he's read like The Chronicles Of Narnia. His wife encourages him, which also inspires him to keep writing.
Did he enjoy reading as a kid?
He has loved reading ever since he was a kid. He especially likes action, adventure, and fantasy books.
A Picture of Him
Google Images
Google Maps
Commonly Asked Questions
His Office
His office is full of weird stuff. He says it keeps his imagination fresh.
Mary Mull
Brandon is married to Mary Mull. Mary is the first person who edits his books.
When Brandon and Mary first moved into their house in Provo, Mary bought Brandon a nice computer and desk so he could write his books there.
Where does
Brandon write???????
Brandon writes on his laptop, on the floor.
Pictures of Brandon's house
There are only a few days each year when monsters can come out of the forest and on the lawn and try to get in the house. One of those days is called midsummer eve. When Seth opens a window that night things get a little out of hand.
( continued)

Now Seth, and Kendra must embark on a mission to save their grandpa, Fablehaven and possibly the world. Where is their grandma, why did Seth open the window on Midsummer Eve, and will they suceed in their quest???? Read the book to find out!!!!
( continued )
By then he had learned a lot about writing so he edited Beyonders before publishing it. He also published The Candy Shop War before he published Beyonders.

Wanting to Become a Writer
( continued)
He daydreamed about stories a lot. Finally one day he decided he wanted other people to hear his stories. That's when he got serious about becoming a author.
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