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Oceans 05: Ocean Interactions

Earth Science FLVS

Esther Thomas

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Oceans 05: Ocean Interactions

Oceans 05: Ocean Interactions
By:Esther Thomas

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
In this photo the main topic is the plankton for
what it does for us. Plankton's help us breathe.
Phytoplankton is basically the primary source for oxygen to produce and can be considered at the very bottom of the food chain. If we didn't have phytoplankton , smaller animals could not eat, meaning when they die the bigger animals couldn't eat, and it would go on. So if you look into the the atmosphere , If phytoplankton did most of the changing into O and it was not around the whole world would be much hotter due to the high concentration of the green houses gas. To add to that without new Oxygen being added to the atmosphere, the ozone would continue to deplete allowing the Earth to become scorched by the sun's rays. Without Phytoplankton this planet would basically not a liveable planet.
All in all Phytoplankton are life savers. Without them there would be no oxygen , even worst, there would be no us! Without Phytoplankton this planet would not be liveable, It would be too hot to live on. If we ever lost Phytoplankton this planet would surely be in danger. Until then we must cherish the oxygen we are getting from Phytoplankton.We can keep it safe by having the least possible pollution, less global warming, and keeping the green houses safe.
The treasure I am studying is about oxygen.
This treasure effects Earth's sphere In a positive
way and also a negative way.The positive thing
oxygen does is simply provide oxygen to humans
and life on Earth. Without oxygen we could not
breath, in that case there would be no life on Earth
The only negative thing is that the oxygen mostly
comes from phytoplankton, so if they were ever to
become extinct , life on Earth would most likely
be wiped away.
This photo shows a lady breathing in. Without oxygen
We would die because we need to breathe oxygen to
admit air in our lungs.
This photo simply shows how oxygen looks
on a periodic table. It also tells what an
oxygen can carry inside of it.
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