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Mini Lessons For Personal Statement Writing

No description

Whitney Hawkins

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Mini Lessons For Personal Statement Writing

Mini Lessons For Personal Statement Writing
The Rules of the Personal Statement
Step One: Choose your Writing Prompt Wisely

Step Two: Brainstorm in response to the Prompt

Step Three: Narrow your topic to one or two VERY important details

Step Four: Break down your details into important moments of meaning
Writing Practice One
Be Very Specific
Things to Think About
Writing Practice Two
Think of a place that is important to you. Break down all the memories you have at this place and choose one. Write about that memory in one paragraph.
Share your paragraph with a partner.
Then have your partner answer the following questions
What did I like about this story?

What didn't I understand about this story?

What would I talk more about or add to this story?
Prompt: Think of a person who matters to you. Think of specific meaningful moments that you had with that person(Small or Big Moments). List those moments, then write a memory paragraph as if you are retelling that moment to someone else.
You have ten minutes to complete this.
Narrow your writing down to details
Focus your writing for clarity and control
Use language that feel right for you
Bring out the uniqueness about yourself
Tell Your Story in Chronological Order
Make sure your Ideas flow: Reveal the Cause & Effect clearly
Always provide the How & The Why for your Essay
Is it Personal and Is it Real?
Things to Avoid
Do not Whine about problems
Avoid Weaknesses ( describe as strengths)
Avoid Cliches
Avoid making excuses
Do not Criticize others
Do not focus on the Monetary
Avoid Arrogance
Things to Focus On
What makes me important?
What makes me different?
What makes me worthy?
What has changed my life?
What contributes to my identity?
Who am I working for?
Why am I here?
Where do I want to be?
You have ten minutes
Or Think of a moment in your that is very important to you or that truly affected your life write about that moment in one paragraph.
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