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RaM Director's Summary

No description

Erin Kane

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of RaM Director's Summary

Women by the #s
This previously regular piece has been reintroduced to GCSRW followers. It is released the first week of every month and put together with Susan, our Communications Director.
Racial Equity Training
Last week I went to Washington D.C. to participate in a consultation that GCORR was hosting. It consisted of...
Research Ethics and Policy
This year, with the Pipeline Study approved and more intensive research being conducted, I developed Research Policy and Internal Review forms. These policies are based on Qualitative research ethics that involve human subjects. The development of these policies make RaM more formal and give GCSRW more credence as a research agency .
Pipeline Study
The Pipeline study is officially underway. GCSRW is partnering with Mark McCormack for the project, GBHEM's new research director. Introductory literature has been studied in preparation for the work and the study has been designed and timelined.
Central Conference Survey
The Central Conference survey has been drafted so that GCSRW can learn what regions have and don't have a COSROW, which regions know and do not know what COSROW is, and what GCSRW can do to help the needs and wants of these conferences.
RaM Director's Summary
Desk Audits
The Annual Conference Desk Audit has been completed by the Annual Conferences and is in the process of being input to a database to prepare for analysis and reports. Its counterpart, the General Agency Desk Audit has been shelved by GCORR until the end of this month as there may be changes to the process of measuring racial equity.
Women's Assembly
In April, GCSRW attended the UMW Women's Assembly in Louisville, KY and had the opportunity to present on a number of issues. RaM and Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan on Audrey's Inclusive Language work...
GCSRW has begun to archive previously completed research as well as past Women by the Numbers articles. Our intention is to make our work more visible and accessible to the church.
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