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maddy lopez

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of maddy lopez

*seventh grade* its natural to want pepole to like you. but its never right to pretend ur someone diffrent u should always act like urself because if one day you act like one of your friends and the next day you come to school being yourself in a total diffrent way people will probably start calling you fake. character: Victor,Teresa,Micheal,Mrs.Gains
They want: they want to learn french.
event: they go to 7th grade.
event:he constantly thinks about teresa
event:teresa knows french and victor wants to learn it.
climax:teresa helps him with learning french
conflicts:has trouble with girls. elective:Not required.

propelled:Pushed forward


lingered:Stayed on

sheepishly:With embarassment. rned that this story
ive learned that you should
always express what u want and how u are. Victor likes
Teresa. Victor wants to learn french Victor is not good at math vitor has a friend named Micheal. bit
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