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synch dairy cows

anembe 4-2013

Alex Souza

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of synch dairy cows

Voluntary waiting period
When back at the farm...
In case using synch = be professional

Respect rules for a good synch in dairy cows

Evaluate CR vs time lost in re-synch

If results are not OK = management issues
Alex Souza, DVM PhD
Steps to build a good
repro program for high
producing dairy herds

A good synch program for high
producing cows needs to:
To maintain high P4 levels
To avoid ovulation of aged oocytes
To keep P4 low near AI
To have ideal AI-to-ovulation interval
Cows detected open?
When start AI?
find your target days open...
SR and CR will determine VWP!
SR = service rate or heat det. efficiency
in our simple comparison...
...our walking speed
CR = conception rate...
...for us...our step size!
Walking faster = high estrus det. rates
Wide step = better conception rate!!!

VWP = time you can afford waiting...
how much can you afford waiting to walk 100 meters in 1 hour?
With greater walking speed (SR) and wider steps (CR) you can afford waiting more!
Long VWP
Short VWP...can't wait
What should I do in
case I want to synch my cows?
High vs low P4 during follicle growth
(Carvalho and Wiltbank - SSR 2010)
Follicle dominance > 8 days = aged oocyte inside!
Circulating P4 near AI and conception results (Souza and Wiltbank 2007)

Lower P4
during the final week of follicle growth caused
lower embryo quality
even when follicle age kept same
High vs Low P4: rationale Double-Ovsynch
(Cunha, Souza, Wiltbank 2008)
Ideal AI to Ovulation interval
(Pursley 1998)
1 vs 2 PGF in Double-Ovsynch
(Brusveen 2009)
Maximum CR
AI as soon as possible...
GnRH vs E2???
G6G or Double-Ovsynch?

Days open
to re-inseminate open cows
What to do with cows
without CL
at preg check?
~20% of the cows...
Finding the best balance...
Accurate hormone list????
Some good options 1st AI
not the case for 5d-P4
protocols though...
Adoption of synch programs
by dairy herds in USA
(Souza, Wiltbank - 2013)
Conception rate
Interval to AI
cows found open
Later Ovsynch-like programs
(so called 5d-protocols)
Later on E2 + P4 protocols:
Slide by Wiltbank 2014
Slide by Paul M. Fricke
Souza et al., 2013
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