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ABC's of British Columbia

No description

Sarah Wong

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of ABC's of British Columbia

hand carved & painted masks
boriginal Artwork
apilano Suspension Bridge

At the Capilano Suspension Bridge there are many different attractions to visit:
ouglas College
Douglas College is recognized by the British Columbia Education Quality Assurance
urnaby Village Museum
In 1972, the Museum opened for the public season on July 1st.
Don Copan was CPMA president, and Mayor Robert Prittie officiated the opening.
By: Sarah Wong &
Joanne Cuevas
's of

ast Hastings
Downtown East Hastings in Vancouver is the poorest postal code in B.C
and one of the top 10 in Canada.
has extreme poverty and serious drug problems
raser River
The Fraser River is the longest river in British Columbia
streams from the Fraser Pass to the Strait of Georgia
the source of the river is located near the Rocky Mountains
it is the tenth longest river in Canada
ICBC stands for Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
is the main auto insurance company in BC
was established in 1973
also responsible for drivers licensing, vehicle licensing and registration
arry Jerome
was also a canadian track&field star runner who competed in the olympics for Canada
Harry was born in Saskatchewan, but moved to North Vancouver at age 12
In 1970 he was made an officer of the Order of Canada
at the age of 42 he died of a brain aneurysm
Now there is a community center and sports complex named after him
became the official mineral emblem of British Columbia in 1968
consists mostly of nephrite
mined mostly in parts of British Columbia
itsilano Beach

also known as "Kits Beach"
one of the most popular beaches in Vancouver
located at the north edge of the Kitsilano neighborhood
the Sea Wall runs along side the beach
besides from beach activities, there are many other things to do around the beach area

Lululemon was founded in Vancouver in 1998
at first they shared their retail space with a yoga studio
makes athletic apparel for running, yoga, dancing and other sports
the first store was in the Vancouver beach area of Kitsilano in 2000

a francophone non-profit organization founded in 1983
located in Coquitlum
provides services and activities for french-speaking people in Coquitlum/Maillardville
there are about 13,000 francophones
promotes, supports, protects and facilitates francophone traditions
lympics (Vancouver 2010)

CANADA WON 26 Medals
Gold 14
Silver 7
Bronze 5

in sports such as hockey, skating, curling and skiing.

-Nanaimo is British Columbia's sixth-largest city located on Vancouver Island
-It is fondly known as the "Hub, Tub, and Pub City" because of its bathtub racing
Bathtub racing started in Nanaimo, which involves the use of a bathtub boat. the first races beginning with the "Nanaimo to Vancouver Great International World Championship Bathtub Race" in 1967.

acific Rim National Park
ueen Charlotte Islands

-An archipelago on the North Coast of B.C populated mostly by Haida people.
(at least one third is Haida and Aboriginal culture )
-The Islands have a total area of 1,018,000 hectares with parks and reserves.
-The islands are divided into three physiographic units - the Queen Charlotte Ranges, the Skidegate Plateau and the Queen Charlotte Lowlands
ichmond International
Buddhist Temple
cience World
-The building was constructed for Expo 86 and opened in 1985 as the Expo Preview Centre,and became the Expo Centre in 1986 when the fair opened.
rans-Canada Highway

-one of the most dangerous roads in Canada
-In the summer road-trip season, the section of the Trans-Canada Highway that runs between Yoho National Park and Golden, B.C. now carries more than 10,000 vehicles per day.
-Run-ins with wildlife cause loss of life to both animals and humans, and vehicle damage.
In the indigenous language Ucluelet means "people of the safe harbour"
-a small city on the west coast of Vancouver Island
-population is about 1,627 through the year and can be considered a fishing village

ancouver Aquarium
arren Bernard
-The most famous photograph by a Province photographer was snapped in New Westminster on October 1940
-Jack Bernard's five-year-old son Warren ran from the crowd waving farewell from the sidewalk. Warren's mom reached out to grab him, just as his father reached back to touch him.
The City of New Westminster is planning a bronze statue honouring the photo to be placed at the bottom of 8th Street
features traditional First Nations artwork including totem poles, sculptures, masks, paintings, basketry, and jewellery.
the artwork can be found all over B.C in places like the Museum of Anthropology, Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium and the YVR Airport
rouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain is located in Vancouver B.C.
there are various activities for you to take part in from summer to winter
Grouse Mountain was named after the first recorded hikers to reach the summit in 1894
The Tyee Ski Club was formed in 1929
The world's first double chairlift was build in 1949 , it replaced the 2-3 hr hike for skiers
at the YVR airport
totem pole @ Stanley Park
Downtown Vancouver's upscale renovated warehouse district.

-since the Expo 86, it has been transformed into one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in the city.
-the Canadian Pacific Railway had a huge influence on the shaping of Yaletown
oo (Greater Vancouver)
-The largest zoo in British Columbia, in Aldergrove
-over 600 animals (a few of which are Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Bears )
and 120 acres of parkland.
Treetop Adventure: suspension bridges are elevated 100 feet above the forest floor that leads to the next tree
Cliff Walks: suspended walkways though the rainforest vegetation and sights of the Capilano River
a typical classroom in the 1890-1920 era

the suspended bridges
The Village was described as depictive of the 1890 to 1920 era of the lower mainland.
is located at Deer Lake Park
Burnaby Village Museum was previously known as Heritage Park
the carousel-one of the main attractions
the famous Capilano Suspension bridge

Douglas College has 3 different campuses: New West Minster, Coquitlam, and Surrey
was founded in 1970
offers Bachelor's degrees, and general university arts and science courses
also offers career programs in health services, health care, business and creative arts
Suspension bridge: was opened in 1889
is one of the greatest tourist attractions in B.C.
the bridge stretches to 450 ft
230ft above the Capilano River
The view of the Fraser River from Westminster Abbey
the double chairlift
the skyride
Harry Jerome
the ICBC logo
jade boulders found near Deer Lake
jade stones
Kitsilano Beach
the Lululemon store at Kitsilano
the Lululemon logo
church called "Notre Dame de Lourdes"
Just 4 years ago Canada hosted and participated in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver
-With 14 gold medals we set the all-time record for most gold medals at a single Winter Olympics

Memorable Moments
-Freestyle skier Alexandre Bilodeau collected the country's first gold medal
- Sidney Crosby scored the "golden goal" to beat the United States in the men's hockey final.

-has three components, including the Long Beach Unit, the West Coast Trail Unit, and the Broken Group Islands Unit.
-Long Beach is famous for its long sandy beaches & rainforest trails.
-The Broken Group Islands have more than a hundred islands & islets in Barkley Sound.
-The West Coast Trail is a challenging 75 km historic hiking route along sandstone cliffs, waterfalls & beaches.
one of the most scenic golf courses in BC.
Welcome to...
British Columbia
aka Haida Gwaii
Guan Yin Temple
-Located on the Steveston Highway in Richmond
-There are displays of paintings and works of calligraphy, including the largest Buddha mural in the world.
-there are four main halls and several smaller shrines at the temple, as well as a large classical Chinese garden, scholar's courtyards, and a small-scale Buddhist "Deer Park"
-one of the largest Buddhist temples in North America.
Telus World of Science
The Science World "golf ball" is actually a geodesic dome
-features many permanent interactive exhibits and displays, as well as areas with varying topics throughout the years.
- "
Telus World of Science
" became an official name on July 20, 2005 following a $9-million donation to the museum from Telus.
road between Yoho National Park and Golden, B.C.
Stanley Park
-A tourist attraction and centre for marine research, conservation and marine animal rehabilitation.
-Canada's largest aquarium and one of the most visited sites in Stanley Park.
-home to 70,000 animals such as dolphins, sea otters, anacondas, and eels.
-With six films released, the X-Men film series is the 15th highest-grossing film franchise
The X-Men film series consists of superhero films based on the Marvel Comics
- several of the X-Men films are shot in B.C
(X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand)
-there is also a Safari and an Express Train
bathtub racing
Sidney Crosby
Alexandre Bilodeau w/ Gold medal
long beach
the golden spruce
Fountain with 9 Dragons
entrance to aquarium
Sea otter
Warren Bernard Now
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