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How it works

The sound distribution system for Paths II: The Music of Trees

Abigail Aresty

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of How it works

How it works
Each playback setup is powered by a battery that is charged with a 100 W solar panel*
The solar charge controller allows the panel to safely charge the battery, and also provides power to the load.
The battery stores the charge from the solar panel and allows the installation to keep going even on cloudy days.
The timer automatically turns the load on and off.
The pieces are stored on thumb drives
The car stereo plays back the music on a loop.
It provides enough power for the system to run at least 9 hours a week.
*This one is actually 90 W but the rest are 100 W
10 AWG
10 AWG
18 AWG
14-4 AWG
Capacitors act as filters, protecting the drivers by blocking low frequencies that are out of their range.
The electronics are secured in battery boxes.
Drivers are connected via water resistant cable connectors
The drivers play back the music from their waterproof enclosures.
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