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How to be Eco-Friendly

How to be more Eco-Friendly in every day life.

ray sewell

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of How to be Eco-Friendly

How to be Eco-Friendly The most common way to be Eco-Friendly in every day life is to Recycle. You can do this by collecting glass, paper, wood and other materials. Then collect Orange bags (Recycling bags), or use a recycle bin to put those materials in. Try not to waste fuel when driving in a car or on a bike/petrol scooter. And if possible try to get a electric vehicle since it is more Eco-Friendly. Try and get a small compost bin so that you can create soil from left-over food that you do not eat goes out of date. Try and grow your own fruit and veg so that we can cut down Airplanes transporting food from country to country. Try and make sure to turn off all lights when you are out or sleeping. This will make sure that you do not waste money on bills and also on electric.
By just doing these simple things every day you could save millions of lifes in the future and alsomake a brighter future for everyone. These are the most important steps. 1. Recycle 2. Help make a brighter future 3. Remember this presentation Thanks for listening. Remember To Recycle
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