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Community Assessment and care delivery

This week we explore the concept of assessing health and wellbeing in communities

Rosy Green

on 30 April 2012

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Transcript of Community Assessment and care delivery

Community Assessment and
care delivery and understanding the many communities they live in...... Providing effective health
care means understanding
the people you work with Until we understand people in their community context we struggle as health professionals to provide care that is relevant meaningful and accessible Careful assessment of a community is the first step in providing:

1) relevant and accessible health services

2) Effective health promotion strategies
The core is influenced by its sub-systems- and all are strongly inter-related So what is a community?
An entity that functions as a whole
through interdependence
of smaller parts The core or heart of a community is its
Community core Understanding Community

Means learning about
the people Assessment Transport Communication Recreation And it starts with
Education Government Health and social services Environment For health care and health promotion to be effective all these systems must be considered and addressed Observation: interviews focus groups foot surveys (remember CNA126) Spark Research:
Libraries Community consultation,
gap analysis
environmental scanning Steps to assessing a community These techniques enable nurses to see the community
and its people as a whole and consider all the interrelating health determinants

Increasingly nurses of the 21st century are embracing the communities and cultures they work with
Enabling primary health care models to take effect.
In doing so they:

* Work in active partnerships with the community

* Are important members of multidisciplinary teams

* Assess communities carefully and recognise needs:

They participate in planning and implementing health care

In health promotion and disease prevention as well as providing treatment and care
Nurses can build the capacity of community members and empower people to embrace change.
Key skills for nurses working with communities:

High level communication and counselling skills
Acceptance, commitment and willingness to learn
Ability to foster trust, advocacy and hope
Critical and realistic thinking
Practical knowledge and evidenced based resources
As nurses of the future, we need to understand communities
and work in health promoting ways.

In doing so we will effect real and positive change in health care
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