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What Are The Effects Of Global Communication :-

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sazlina sofi

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of What Are The Effects Of Global Communication :-

What Are The Effects Of Global Communication :-
Pain Or Gain?

Members Of Group
Muhammad Lokmanul Hakim S Nor

Mazura Abdul Rahim

Noor Sazlina Ahmad Sofi

Nur Baizura Che Buang


Disadvantages Of Global Communication
Disadvantages Of Global Communication

Global Communication is the process of sending and receiving information of a world wide.

The use of technology can be a great help to people in communicating, reducing the time it takes.

However, global communication also have the disadvantage and negative effects

Dr Wan Afezah Wan Abdul Rahman

Q & A

Risks of Fraud or Identity Theft
through Personal Information

Pornography or Aggressive Information

Children and Exposure to Adult Material / Immoral things
Addiction- Less Interaction With People, addicted to online activities such as online gambling, cybersex

Cyber Bullying, Harassment and Stalking - through information
and communication technologies
Social Disconnect - Lose contact with the reality around them such as talking time with family and friends

No regulation and no quality control over available data

Increase cyber crime trough illegal activities, such as online gambling, selling drugs without a license, selling bullet through internet

Disadvantages of Globalization Communication
Thank You..
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