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Institutional Racism

No description

Ryan Bell

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Institutional Racism

Schools Continued
Institutionalized Racism
Institutional Racism in the Workforce
Institutional Discrimination often stems from prejudice, but institutions can also practice racial and ethnic discrimination when they engage in practices that seem to be racially neutral but in fact have a discriminatory effect

For instance...
Although enrollment has gone up
Defintion: Institutionalized Racism is the discriminatory treatment, unfair policies, and inequitable oppurtunities and impacts based on race, produced and perpetuated by institutions.
Ryan Bell
Nathan Porter
Katherine Scully
Josh Buenrostro
Who Does This Affect?
"Institutional racism is more subtle, less visible, and less identifiable than individual acts of racism, but no less destructive to human life and human dignity".
Where might this take place?
Education system
Credit History Checks
According to civilrights.org in a report entitled
Discrimination in Employment
47% of employers use an applicants poor credit to rule them out as a potential employee.
Research showed that African-American and Latino households tend to have worse credit on average than White households.
Although there is no correlation between bad credit and poor work performance, employers still use Background Credit Checks to wiegh possible job candidates.
Workplace Harrassment
Individual Discrimination can be common and range from many different circumstances. One circumstance that is all to common is discrimination in the workplace.

A study performed by Sociologist Denise Segura, documented the harrassment of 152 Mexican-American Females working in white collar jobs at a California Public University.
40% of the women in the study faced harrassment based on gender and/or ethnicity.
A common phrase that was heard by these women was,"I didn't know that there were any educated people in mexico that have a graduate degree."

(pg.125, Barkan)
What the LAW states...
Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964
This law stated that it is illegal for any employer to use any racial discrimination in employment decisions including hiring, wages, and firing.(pg.129,Barkan)
According to Hirsh & Cha, 2008; even with the the Civil Rights Act in place, people of color still face discrimination in decisions of promotion and or hiring. (pg.130, Barkan)
Law without Order
In 2003, Sociologist Devah Pager conducted a field experiment using African-American and White Males, to test for Racial discrimination within the hiring process itself. An equal amount of males from each group would admit to having a criminal record. The Results following the Experiment were disheartening;
African-American applicants WITHOUT a criminal record were hired at the same LOW rate as the White applicants WITH a criminal record.(pg.130, Barkan)
(Lawrence, Keith and Keleher, Terry.
Structural Racism.
(Anderson and Taylor , 2006)
Californians for Justice
Californians for Justice is a statewide grassroots organization working for racial justice by building the power of youth, communities of color, immigrants, low-income families, and LGBTQ communities. Led by students, we organize to advance educational justice and improve our social, economic, and political conditions.

CFJ's work for social change is rooted in three core principles.
We believe that people impacted by social injustice must drive the process of social change with their participation, power, ideas and vision for society.
We believe that diverse communities, especially communities of color, must unite to achieve our shared goals and to support each other actively in our unique struggles.
We believe that every person has a fundemental right to a dignified life free from poverty, discrimination and oppression based on race, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, country of origin, or language.
CFJ in the Community of Long Beach
Californians for Justice Long Beach organizes students at Cabrillo, Polytechnic, and Jordan High school.

The 2013-14 budget package replaced the previous K-12 finance system with the Local Control Funding Formula or LCFF.
LCFF creates a seperate funding stream for oversight activities and instructional programs
CFJ made it their mission to help and provide support for these young people and give them a voice in the decisions involved with the new LCFF.
(www.cde.ca.gov) (caljustice.org)

Address and Contact Information
115 W. 4th St. Suite C-1
Long Beach, CA 90802

(562) - 951 - 1015

Average tuition for a 4 year public is $9,139
Average out of state college student is 22,958
About 82 percent of high school graduates from high-income families enroll in college, compared to 52 percent of graduates from low-income families.
42% of kids that receive Pell grants graduate within 6 years, a lower rate than both blacks and latinos combined
Black face parties
Racist Frats
The District of Gerrymandering
When the people vote into office individuals with the power to effect society in a big way, the bias of the politician can be a factor in their decision making.
Unfortunately, Bad Calls have occured in politics due to these very biases across the board.
On March 25, 2015 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor, of allegations made by The Alabama Legislative Black Caucus and Alabama Democratic Conference v. The State of Alabama.
Allegations were made against The state of Alabama for redistricting areas to consist of more black voters in some districts making other districts predominantly white and more likely to vote republican.
The state of Alabama of course denied these claims.
Schools effected by institutionalized racism
Withworth Uni.- Black face party
Uni of Illionis- Racially segregated practices for woman's basketball
Wheaton Uni- Football team wears KKK outfits
Uni of Oklahoma - Fraternity has racial chant
and that's only a few!
The average minimum wage worker makes around 14,000
A person living alone making $11 an hour is still considered low income
But even after getting your paper.....
In 2013,12.4 percent of all black students between 22-27 are unemployed compared to 5.6 percent for all graduates
Black graduates going into high demand jobs had 11% unemployment compared to 6 for all
All Hispanic graduates had 5% unemployment rate in 2013
Whites and Asian American graduates both were around 3.6 unemployed in 2013
Structural Theory
Campus racial incidents, The journal of Blacks in Higher Education RSS Web.13 Oct 2015
Deadly Rhetoric
"African Americans with College Degrees Are Twice as Likely to Be Unemployed." N.p., n.d. Web.
August 20, 2015, an article in The Atlantic as well as many other news sources, discussed the danger that is Donald Trumps anti-immigrant rhetoric.
This fear came to light, when two Boston men beat a homeless hispanic man after a Red Sox game. One of the men was quoted saying this during questioning; "Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported."
Does this suggest that ignorant rhetoric from the mouths of political figures inspires violence?
Or is this simply an isolated incident?
In all racialized social systems the placement of people in racial categories involves some form of hierarchy that produces definite social relations between the races. The race placed in the superior position tends to receive greater economic remuneration and access to better occupations and/or prospects in the labor market, occupies a primary position in the political system, is granted higher social estimation (e.g., is viewed as "smarter" or "betterlooking"), often has the license to draw physical (segregation) as well as social (racial etiquette) boundaries between itself and other races, and receives what DuBois (1939) calls a "psychological wage" (Marable 1983; Roediger 1991). The totality of these racialized social relations and practices constitutes the racial structure of a society. (Bonilla-Silva, 1997)
Critical Race Theory
Information to take note of
Critical Race Theory is the work of legal scholars of color who are attempting to develop a jurisprudence that accounts for the role of racism in American law and that work toward the elimination of racism as part of a larger goal of eliminating all forms of subordination. (Matsuda, 1991)
Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects people from discrimination based on race, color or national origin in programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance
As of 2011, 16 % of black students were expelled in schools compared to 5% for white students
Voting Power
Democratic Socialism
Community Organization

One in 4 school districts will pay teachers $5,000 to teach at school that isn't so racially diverse
Interracial Collaboratives as a Solution
In as early as preschools, black students make up 48% of school suspensions, while white students only make up 26%
Collaborative, defined as a group of individuals who work together on common goals, is a process that exemplifies the principles of prevention philosophy: empowerment, mutual problem-solving and decision making, and mutual respect. In fact, the very process of collaboration, of coming together out of mutual concern and agreeing to work together is doing prevention, for we're actually creating a more supportive environment by this action. (Benard)
7% of students of color go to schools where 20% of the teachers who aren't licensed/ don't certification requirements
And now a Poem...
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