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No description

Jacqueline Au

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Converse

By Michelle & Jacqueline Converse -the shoes were orignally black and white

-more colors and styles were available

- there are high tops, low tops and now knee high

-some shoes are offered without laces but with elastic

-they are packaged to protect the sneakers and to promote their product with the logo - use advertisements to attract their targeted audience which is for young adults
- use a lot of humored style commercials
- converse brand tied to cultures and lifestyles of basketball

- includes free shipping and refunds on the converse you purchased

-sells on many retail sites and they have their own site Promotion Product -the price of the sneaker is inexpensive compared to a lot of sneakers
-the price is very satisfying for example a young college or university students who have limited funds; this would be a great buy
-ranges from $40-150 (depends if you get regular ones or the ones with unique designs)
-their marketing mix help brand loyalty Price - customers can go online onto their official website to order their shoes and even customize their own shoe
-sold usually at big department stores

-also sold at most shoe stores and online the shoe stores websites

- internationally sold Place Marketing Mix ... small "Converse." Converse. Web. 11 Sept. 2012. <http://converses101.blogspot.ca/>. Works Cited
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