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Themes in "The Censors"

No description

Sam Syed

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Themes in "The Censors"

Themes in "The Censors"
Theme 1
Restricted societies can cause people to change
Theme 3
Juan's hasty decision of joining the Censorship Bureau was caused by his fear of being being caught by the censors. His new job made him extremely devoted and loyal to the Bureau, which later caused him to censor his own letter, resulting in Juan being executed.
By: Samana Syed and M. Usama Hussain
: Power
: Power that is not shared by many corrupts the few who possess it.

After mailing the letter to Mariana, Juan realizes that his letter might get censored. Juan is accustomed to the rules of the society and therefore, he takes an action to avoid trouble in the society.
A central message or purpose from the author to the reader regarding a subject in a literary work.
One can become their own enemy when facing difficult circumstances
Impulsive decision-making can result in many consequences
Theme 2
Juan turns himself and his letter in to the censors, resulting in his own death.
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