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Viktor Suszter: Who am I?

Short description about me.

Serif Magazine

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Viktor Suszter: Who am I?

I try describe myself with few words...
Focus and...
Out of border and
Intuitive and...
systematic designer and typographer.
And how i work?
In my work i focused on simple, logical, understandable and easy recognizable hierarchy
with deep local research and development with dominant point of view on actual tasks.
Across every work i always try find answers
on this way. I love playing and experimenting on crossborders in every aspects of my life.
Every day i use my beloved steel TokyoFixed bike. English build, Italian steel tubes.

Fire and ice:-)

That's me.
My name is Viktor Suszter.
Thank you for watching!
Who am I?
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