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Jon Tahanha

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Universal

Client Development Presentation
Existing spend

Slowjamz album & TVC, led to series Slowjamz 2 & Summerjamz

Work on Floorfillers & Clubland led to more

Clubland TV rebrand and websites

Specific campaign showing growth
Account now approx. 2 covers per month and 1 TV ad
approx. £19k a month, £228k per year
Growth of Account
Now working on artist branding and marketing

Working with web team on online/social materials

Working with record labels directly - Clubland TV rebrand, websites, single covers

Using web credentials to target other music contacts - ITB

Cred pack to be sent to high potential contacts
Brand day - key personel in varying departments reviewing brand, perception, how they want to be perceived, objectives, opportunities

Most music industry opportunities via digital. Spotify, soundcloud, social media key for artist and music success. Sell digital strategy!

Create new key contacts within new departments and showcase new services
Ongoing Relationship management
Overdeliver. Push boundaries

Motion tracking for Electronica and live footage video for Floorfillers Warehouse

Agree lower % profit but more regular to receive overall higher yield

Find new suppliers/partners and push budgets
How we overcome the challenges
Keeping creative fresh

Ads repetitive and with tight budgets

Competing against small, specialised outfits
1 album cover per month
Approx. £3.5k pm - £42k per year
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