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Mobile phone app proposition by theliberation.co.uk

Some ideas around mobile phone app for group of clubs or big venues.

Ida Rolek

on 6 December 2010

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Transcript of Mobile phone app proposition by theliberation.co.uk

User Smartphone
application for iPhone or android phone
as this Samsung Omnia CMS Editor content when? where? who? what? goes to appstore or
a client's website
and downloads the... News & offers: the newest informations about parties and promo offers;
special invitations;
possibility to share on facebook. app provides many informations
and possibilities, e.g.... or Clubs map with the closest club(s) location;
clubs list (name, description, thumbnail);
'display on map' link;
'show parties' link;
possibility to share on facebook. or Parties: list of past and future parties;
description, images, links to external videos;
possibility to buy tickets by mobile;
share party on facebook;
possibility to invite friends (facebook friends or contacts from phone) to party;
add and read comments. DJs: DJs list with photos and descriptions;
link to see parties that DJ hosted/will host soon;
possibility to book a DJ;
link to myspace;
links to external music/videos. or but where does it all
come from? automatically creates facebook event for each new party During a party automatic recognition are you at the party (inside a building);
send and receive comments and messages to party attenders on facebook;
receive special messages from the club (e.g. informations about special mobile-only offers like '20% off drinks until 10pm';
share photos and videos with other party guests. Other ideas VIP status for regular clients (visit counter);
some options can be enable only for VIP mobile (e.g. special offers or promotions);
Thanks for your time! infomations about parties, clubs and DJs;
newest offers and promotions;
comments and images;
special invitations.
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