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Introduction to E-Commerce - Chapter 1 pt. 1

No description

Ian Neblett

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to E-Commerce - Chapter 1 pt. 1

Interesting facts
Facebook has over 800 million active uses!
Active Users
Time Spent on the Site
700 Billion minutes per month!!
Business Opportunities?
What does Facebook offer business?
Facebook is not only the face of e-commerce, it is also the leader in social e-commerce as well!
Facebook ... the new face of
... third only to Yahoo and Google
potential dedicated customers
potential consistent customers
What do I mean by People Power?
What are the most valuable things you have on Facebook?
Imagine this scenario - Imagine you bought something from a company ...

Why would the company want to know who your friends are??
- think like you
- like the same stuff you like
- same buying patterns as you
... All this market research can be done online!!
Maybe ...
How do companies use Facebook to make money?
Ads on Facebook, click to go off-site to purchase
Companies have Facebook pages
Companies have apps on Facebook
You buy from the app
Then you can invite friends to do the same
ALSO!! (something you may not like to hear)
Facebook gives access to your personal information (if you allow them) to perfect their marketing research and advertise their products
This is the strength of E-commerce
Instructions: In your assigned groups

Brainstorm all benefits/features of E-commerce technology you can think of.

What is E-Commerce?
The use of Internet and the Web
Business Transactions

- Exchange of value (money) B/T two parties
The definition is obvious ...
What is the difference Between E-Commerce and E-Business?
transactions of value done via the internet
Anything that a company does digitally to support those transactions
both result in ...
Improving the customer
buying experience
Ubiquity: it´s available everywhere, and on many devices ... cell, tablet, laptop, desktop
Global Reach: it´s all over the earth, the market place is huge!!
Universal Standards: Only one platform to conduct business which is the Internet. It´s common, inexpensive, so no one has an advantage over another
Richness: Video, audio, and text messages are possible
Interactivity: The technology works through interaction with the user (i.e. the user adjusts the buying experience to how they like it
Information Density: Cost of information exchange drops when product information is given online (i.e. no need for paper)
Personalization/Customization: The technology allows personalized messages to be delivered to individuals as well as groups. (do you know of any examples of this?)
Social technology: Users allowed to share information (text, videos, music, and photos with a worldwide community
Features of E-Commerce
Short Video
What does it mean for you?
Answer: You have options and your options will continue to grow

Before: Web 1.0
Now: Web 2.0
file transfers
page display and navigation
distribute content to others
share preferences, bookmarks and online personas
live virtually and build an online community
pg. 18 & 19
Key Vocabulary:
(Global) reach
Universal Standards
Information Density
Web 2.0
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