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Internet Marketing Land

The Pros and Cons of using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO, Pay Per Click, Google+ and Video Marketing

david mcbee

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Internet Marketing Land

Search Engines are the number one way people search online
Ranking high can mean lots of free traffic to your site SEO PROS SEO CONS Expensive
Hard to track
Results can take a long time
Can only target a limited number of keywords Set Budget
Excellent tracking
Immediate results
Ability to change strategy at will
Can target an unlimited amount of keywords PAY-PER-CLICK PROS PAY-PER-CLICK CONS You must pay for every click
When budget is reached, advertising stops
Knowledge of AdWords necessary to be successful
Competition can out-bid you Highly trafficked site with user loyalty
Adoption of smartphones is increasing usage
Good for contest and special offers
Can target specific audience by age, sex, location, etc.
Created social interaction with fans and potential clients. FACEBOOK PROS FACEBOOK CONS Interaction doesn't often lead to sales
Not all businesses are of a "social" nature
Message reaches limited audience Find fellow tweeters with similar interests
Ability to broadcast news, specials and articles
Gain followers interested in your products and services TWITTER PROS TWITTER CONS Tweets limited to 140 characters
Interaction doesn't often lead to sales
Not all businesses are of a "social" nature
Twitter users expect high level of interaction Professional networking online
Groups are great for learning from peers
Good for job prospects or hiring employees
Ability to establish yourself as an expert LINKEDIN PROS LINKEDIN CONS Not ideal for retailing products and services
Gets limited use, even from members
Audience isn't looking to make a purchase Use can improve search engine rankings
Helps to get your site crawled quickly
Use "circles" to group clients, prospects, loyal customers, etc. GOOGLE+ PROS GOOGLE+ CONS Limited adoption and usage Online video consumption is growing rapidly
Ability to "tell your story" online
People are more likely to watch video than read
Search Engines like videos VIDEO MARKETING PROS VIDEO MARKETING CONS Cheap video looks cheap
Quality videos can be expensive or difficult to produce
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