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LNG 17

No description

Lloyd's Register Marine

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of LNG 17

The Lloyd's Register LNG bunkering study LNG 17 There is growing demand for gas infrastructure and the expertise to design, build and operate new assets in safety.

Lloyd’s Register has considerable expertise in gas technology, risk and operations and we are applying our skills across the entire gas supply chain, from gas ships and gas as fuel to land-based and floating offshore installations. Key
projects A closer look at gas technology A special report on gas solutions featuring:

LNG carrier design
LNG bunkering
offshore LNG
LPG shipping The largest gas-fuelled ferry ever, with virtually zero sulphur oxide emissions Over 50 years of gas carrier expertise Lloyd’s Register has led the classification of gas ships since their inception in the late 1950s. From the Shell Brunei series of the 1970s, through the groundbreaking four-tank design Moss ships, to today’s Q-Flex and Q-Max carriers. Assuring integrity from platform to pipeline with the 'Castor' project ‘Castor’ is a unique gas storage project in a depleted oil field, securing vital gas supply for Europe.

The project spans two offshore platforms, offshore and onshore pipelines and processing plant.

LR is providing certification, design appraisal and consultancy expertise to help assure asset integrity from start to finish. MEDGAZ project A gas pipeline crossing the Mediterranean Sea, connecting Algeria (Beni Saf) with Spain (Almería). LR has certified the project, carrying out a huge number of inspections worldwide. An overview of the main deep-sea trade routes, the fuel consumption of vessels in the global fleet and the current and future location of bunkering hubs are the main themes of our 12-month LNG bunkering infrastructure study.

Download your copy at
www.lr.org/bunkering Pick up your copy today Whatever gas technology you're exploring, we can help you qualify it, understand it and make it safe. Lloyd’s Register played a significant role in helping her owners and builders, STX Finland, navigate a path through the complexity of a novel design to meet regulatory, class and operational requirements. Argonon, the world’s first new LNG-fuelled tanker, classed by Lloyd’s Register, is now in her second year of operation Our Clean Sky joint industry product has moved bulk carrier design far beyond the concept stage for gas-powered ships Sayaendo This groundbreaking new Moss LNG carrier is the culmination of several years of development by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Lloyd’s Register has supported the project, granting approval in principle in 2008, with two of the first ships set for delivery to LR class in 2014. The 155,000m3 ship boasts greater structural efficiency and approximately a 25% reduction in fuel consumption per cargo unit over a 147,000m3 conventional carrier. LNG bunkering With interest in LNG as a marine fuel growing there are many practical challenges to address to ensure that the risks in using LNG as a marine fuel are effectively addressed. Integrity and safety of shipboard containment and operations are critical.

But just as important to the successful adoption of LNG as a marine fuel will be safe, effective LNG bunkering operations in ports around the world. Our global expertise includes containment, structural design, risk assessment, safety and environmental impact, and means you can be confident in meeting your project requirements.

From project inception, we works with your team to ensure your gas assets will operate safely and reliably. The new generation of LNG carrier that is stronger and greener Read the full technical paper on Sayaendo at www.lr.org/lng www.lr.org Viking Grace
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