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The Medical Industry

No description

Mary Mensah

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The Medical Industry

The Medical Industry
My Internship
In my internship I help people with their college applications and I make labels for different colleges that students are more likely to apply to. When I arrive I sit down and wait for the college counselor to come in and if she is already in the office I ask her if there's anything that she would want me to do or if a student needs assistance then I help them.
Patricia Emma
Mrs. Emma attended Nursing School in New Jersey,City University and went to Stony brook for her masters. When she was little she knew that she wanted to be in the medical field. She got the inspiration from her two who were both registered nurses. The best thing about her job is being a positive influence on teens and helping them become healthier for a lifetime. She has been in the medical field for 40 years and the toughest aspect is when a child dies , calming down fights and just trying to make sure staff get along. On her spare time from work she enjoys jewelry making and sports ( swimming, skiing and hiking) and spend time with family especially r grown children.
Medical Vocabulary
Calcinosis-An abnormal deposit of calcium salts in body tissues Examples include the calcifications in the skin from Scieroderma and In the muscle from polymyostis.
Medical Vocabulary
Radioactivity-The property possessed by some elements ( as uranium) or isotopes ( as carbon 14) of spontaneously emitting energetic particles (as electrons or alpha particles) by the disintegration of their atomic nuclei.

Panacea-A universal remedy , a cure-all the ancients sought ‘but never found panacea to cure all diseases.

Marfan Syndrom-An inherited disorder of connective tissue that is characterized by abnormalities of the eye, skeleton and cardiovascular system.

Medical History Timeline
Madam C.J. Walker
Mrs.Walker is considered the First African American female self-made millionaire she made products that were hair treatments meant to prevent hair loss. She created a scalp treatments made of Petrolatum and medical sulfur to prevent scalp disease that causes hair loss. She opened a college in Pittsburgh that trained people as sales beauticians.
Referred to as Father of Western Medicine and Physicians follow the Hippocrates Oath. Greek physicians use tips found in Hippocrates Collection on what to do with patients. He believed that every ailment has a reasonable origin. The Hippocratic Oath is a requirement and policy that doctors take while practicing in the Medical field. This is used in most medical school the Hippocrates Collection which is a collection of about 60 early ancient Greek works from Hippocrates general practitioner and his teachings.
Marie Curie
Marie Curie made studies about radiation with her husband Pierre. She discovered Radium and Polonium. Marie also discovered that the harmful parts of X-rays are able to kill tumors. Radiation was used as a beneficial tool which is used in treating cancerous tissue. When radioactive gas is filled in a tube and injected to the area of the tumor it could be shrinked. Marie and her daughter used the X-ray machine in order to locate bullets or even broken bones.
Marie Curie
Irene Joliot-Curie

Madam C.J. Walker
1818- James Blundell performs the first successful transfusion of human blood
1895-Wihelm Conrad Roentgen discovers x rays
1922-Insulin first was used to treat diabetes
1897-First vaccine developed for bubonic plague
1954-Gertrude Elion patented a leukemia fighting drug/ Dr. Joseph E Murray performs the first kidney transplant
1977-First vaccine that is developed for pneumonia
1978-First test tube baby is born/ First vaccine for meningitis
1983-HIV, the virus that causes AIDS is identified
1996-Dolly the sheep becomes the first clone
2006-First vaccine to target a cause of cancer
Marfan Syndrome
I interviewed the Registered Nurses at the Lutheran Medical Center in school. The interview was very interesting i got to know them in a way most people don't get to.
Do it because you want to not by force and intern with people and shadow them
College Counselor Intern
Valarie Michaud
Mrs. Machaud went to Fordham University and Albany for nursing. She decided to go into the medical field when she went to Haiti to get in touch with her roots. Valarie worked at an orphanage for about 5 months and decided she was going to become a nurse. She enjoys working with adolescence and giving them access to healthcare throughout the school day. She has been in the medical field for about 23 years. When she isnt workind she enjoys spending time with family doing arts and biking.Dealing with sick people in hard times is one of the toughest experience she had.
" Very important that you love to work with people and you can do anything there are so many different areas. "
By: Mary Mensah

Suny Oswego

Located on East coast
City located : Upstate New York
Major offered: Biology, Biochemistry
Chemistry , Human Development and
Degree Offered: Bachelors

Westminster College
Located in the Mid-West
City: Saltlake City
Degree Offered: Bachelors
Majors: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Psychology, Neuroscience
and Physics
California State University
Located in the West Coast
City: Sacramento
Majors: Animal Therapy
Biochemistry, Biology,
Biomedical Science ,
Human Development
and Human Sexuality
Nurse Assistant
Job Description:
A nurse assistant in whom they accompany the nurse and take care of the patients such as bathing, feeding and dressing. Also brushing teeth, hair and taking the patient in and out of bed etc.

Salary: $16,640 - $29,120

Education: High School Diploma and a
nursing assistant program to prepare for
CNA exam.
Salary: $210,000-$313,000
Job Description:
An OB/GYN is someone who deals with pregnancy and provides medical and surgical care for woman. This is for preventative care, prenatal care, detection of sexually transmitted diseases, Pap test screening, and family planning.

Minimum education and skill requirements:
• Complete 4 years of undergraduate degree (Bachelors of Science in Human biology)
• Pass Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)
• Complete Medical School (4years)
• Medical Residency in a hospital
• Get a State License

Nurse Assistant
College Counselors
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